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2019-06-21 06:35 53007378 Anonymous (IMG_20190613_082644_01__01.jpg 461x922 186kB)
Fembot here, went on vacation to Mexico and accidentally ended my celibacy with a Mexican hooker. AMA

3 min later 53007398 Anonymous
Man or woman? Long distance relasionship? Why did you hire a hooker?

3 min later 53007401 Anonymous
Here is the ask me anything place https://www.reddit.com/r/AMA/

5 min later 53007420 Anonymous
so a girl hooker? who ate whos pussy

47 min later 53007846 Anonymous
>>53007398 It was a 25 year old Mexican girl from San Diego. I just met her at the bar on my fourth day in a resort in Baja California. I did not hire a hooker. She came onto me and humped me like all night because I'm that charming. Also because I took beat off a bunch of gross pervy men, her pimp which was an older white tattooed guy, and told her the word of God when she cried into my arms and confessed her sins after the encounter. That got her soaking wet.

48 min later 53007863 Anonymous
>>53007378 that's one normie ass pic m8, why can't even thotbots be interesting

49 min later 53007871 Anonymous
>>53007420 She rubbed my pussy and went down on me and was moaning and the whole nine yards. I felt bad that I didn't let her do more because she would have done anything for me. I wish she could have just played with my boobs in a dark corner. That was kinda my favorite part. I've never had a lesbian experience in my life even though I'm an artist and was trained to love the female form from a young age. Also my favorite show was Xena as a kid. I wouldn't seek it out, but if it happened again...I just don't know anymore. I'm not gay.

50 min later 53007873 Anonymous
>>53007378 >fembot >ended celibacy >female mexican hooker huh

50 min later 53007879 Anonymous
>>53007863 i would agree if not for the culture of critique

51 min later 53007886 Anonymous
who reads fiction anymore lol

52 min later 53007902 Anonymous
>>53007871 >I wish she could have just played with my boobs in a dark corner what the fuck she didnt play with your tits? unacceptable

52 min later 53007903 Anonymous
>>53007863 its a female you stupid nigger

53 min later 53007910 Anonymous
>>53007863 You obviously have no concept of "fun" because you are miserable or concept of social relationships. I myself have only 3 friends, and only 1 I know in real life and I value my friendships deep enough to share funny photos of me on the beach when I can be away from this horrible evil world for just a moment and let myself experience whatever tiny joy my obliterated psyche can experience. I would think you would be able to relate in some way... but I guess only true robots can.

54 min later 53007919 Anonymous
>>53007879 I was trying to tan and go from Aryan to Indo-Aryan if you catch my drift. ;)

54 min later 53007923 Anonymous
>>53007871 >xena did you want to get dominated by xena or did you want to dominate gabrielle. come on, admit it, you know you wanted to do one or the other.

55 min later 53007933 Anonymous
books are stupid and gay

56 min later 53007940 Anonymous
>>53007910 ok so i think she's a bit new to the /r9k/ community. someone said something negative and she just full blown "AKFDLSFJjkldfdfj noO IUR WRONG I HAVE FRIENDS SO I"M RIGHT" kinda thing. my condolences to the anon she attacked.

57 min later 53007947 Anonymous
>>53007940 shut up we're discussing dirty lesbian sex, stop scaring her off

59 min later 53007960 Anonymous
>>53007873 In order to save my energy and try to somehow save my life from this terrible robothood I vowed to take a pledge of celibacy. Nofap, if you will. Sex is sex, I ruined my pledge to myself. In fact I also failed her because I was trying to be a good example to her. She was very drunk the whole night and I had to help make sure she didn't get raped or robbed then she broke down when she reached her room with this older white man. I threatened to kill him and she just wanted it so bad right there and then.

1 hours later 53007979 Anonymous
>>53007923 Actually I just wanted to be Xena. She had a sexy leather outfit and the God Ares was soooo hot I wanted him to bang me soooo bad. That actor died falling off a ladder in China by the way. I don't think a hotter actor exists. Anyway, yeah, Xena would get so much action. I think I was just a pervert from a young age...I don't think I really care in the end...what's weird is my favorite shit was when Xena was tied up and molested by different cult members in this one episode.

1 hours later 53007986 Anonymous
>>53007960 kek. i really htink this is hardcore b8. i can't imagine this actually happening. a femanon threatening to kill a pimp in mexico. surprised you're not shot in the gut.

1 hours later 53007992 Anonymous (c31a243cc866bd36d37173837987d1da.jpg 500x627 67kB)
>>53007979 so you didn't get any lesbo tingles for callisto?

1 hours later 53008002 Anonymous
>>53007933 I actually haven't read books in years because of my crippling suicidal depression. I've only recently started reading my big library list of books and taking notes and even writing my own work. Nice places like the beach make it easier for me to read because I become happier enough to get excited and fulfilled by reading.

1 hours later 53008026 Anonymous
>>53007986 I was drunk and he made me remember about all the other guys I met just like him. I hated them all. And I liked her so much. She was my friend for the night since we both were alone at the bar. She came up to me and said she was shy and embarrassed about being alone and I made her feel comfortable. She got very drunk and I took care of her for the night. If I didn't then no one would have. There were guys already talking about taking her to their rooms and I don't trust a Mexican as far as I can throw him. When I delivered her to her room she begged me not to leave and started crying and the guy was insulting her and I just lost my shit. I can't stand seeing that shit and if not me then who will say something. Assholes have to be put down. I hate assholes. I can't have my kids living in a world of assholes. If not me then who. She couldn't walk at one point and almost cracked her head open and was dehydrated and didn't know where she was. She cried into my arms about her life and I told her God loves her and this shit isn't worth it. That shit got her so fucking wet.

1 hours later 53008047 Anonymous
>>53007992 Ah, good choice. She was the Harley Quinn before Harley Quinn. The actress is such a babe. I've never been dommed by a girl before in my life so it'd be kinda scary. I'm usually the Alpha.

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