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2019-06-21 06:30 53007335 Anonymous (nYTAFuN.jpg 1710x2048 216kB)
>just sat in a discord chat for 3 hours pretending I have friends IT NEVER ENDS DOES IT

2 min later 53007360 Anonymous
>>53007335 delete discord anon. the vast majority of discord users and servers are incredibly toxic, to use an SJW term. It encourages and enables all sorts of negative traits, and if you make an honest assessment of the pros and cons of using Discord actively, you'll probably see that it doesnt benefit you in any way. There are better ways to satisfy your need for socialization

5 min later 53007379 Anonymous
>>53007335 >There are better ways to satisfy your need for socialization name a few please

5 min later 53007381 Anonymous (giddyup.jpg 1024x1006 68kB)
>>53007360 toxic attracts toxic. find a game you like, then be around people that play the same thing. dont force friendship, dont force yourself to be friends or stay friends with anyone, and do not edate or thirst for anyone, and reject anyone that tries it. simple, and its like that for any other social media

6 min later 53007389 Anonymous
>>53007335 I second this --> >>53007360 I got so sad by being on Discord yesterday

8 min later 53007399 Anonymous
What are a couple of active r9k discord servers? Been looking to join a couple, especially for older robots

9 min later 53007409 Anonymous
>>53007379 wrong person, i meant to reply to >>53007360

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