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2019-06-21 06:22 53007240 Anonymous reddoomiters (1560247255378.jpg 720x706 46kB)
How do we stop reddit's shitty "doomer" meme from spilling onto our board?

2 min later 53007266 Anonymous
Doge is gonna die some day if she even is still alive ;_;

3 min later 53007282 Anonymous
>>53007266 do you think she is? this meme was around in 2012, I dont know how much further back it goes

3 min later 53007283 Anonymous
>>53007240 Fuck off assfuck that's literally the point of being a robot

4 min later 53007292 Anonymous
It's been here for months already, where have you been op? Irregardless, all doomer posters should be bullied mercilessly.

6 min later 53007312 Anonymous
>>53007240 >Our board I'm part of a group, that gives my life meaning right?

7 min later 53007327 Anonymous
>>53007283 LOOK EVERYONE I'M A NEWFAG! >>53007312 Projection.

7 min later 53007331 Anonymous
>>53007282 The shiba inu behind doge is pretty old IIRC

9 min later 53007346 Anonymous
>>53007327 Being this obsessed with your status online.

9 min later 53007349 Anonymous
>>53007240 I'm pretty sure the person who made this image has no fucking idea what they're talking about

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