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2019-06-21 06:22 53007237 Anonymous quit drugs (1543033183580.jpg 1024x768 120kB)
How do you quit abusing drugs if you're a robot? Of course not all robots do use drugs, but if you do, how do you go about quitting? If you were miserable before drugs, you just return to that old misery, with the added misery of cravings. At least the drugs temporarily give some pleasure, there's nothing else if you're a friendless virgin. You know you need to stop because it's bad for you but what are you going to do instead? What the fuck are you supposed to do instead? You don't have a "support group", there's nobody to quit for, you just want to strip yourself of your only pleasure for your own sake. It's like at night I think "I need to quit" but in the morning I think "this is all I have in my life, I am entitled to some sort of pleasure, I shouldn't have to live with absolutely nothing in my life". Get all motivated to be healthy but then, oh yeah, life is shit, nobody loves me and I don't have anything I enjoy, what did I do before drugs? Oh yeah I was unhappy. I don't want to damage my body but the alternative ain't attractive either.

13 min later 53007375 Anonymous
i was a opiate addict for 4 years. oxycodones, opanas, morphine, and heroin. its kind of a long story how i ended up deciding to quit so ill skip it, but i had to quit, so i bought some suboxones off someone i knew at the time and did a short month long taper. that worked for a bit, about a month after that i started getting the itch to use again, i ended up snorting two bags of dope and overdosed, the person i was with called the amberlamps and they brought me back with narcan. that was the last time i used and that was over 5 years ago now. the first 6 months were the worst because you get post acute withdrawal syndrome, but after that i was fine. i haven't had a desire to use that shit in years, it doesn't even cross my mind anymore. i haven't really fixed anything else in my life other than that, im still a miserable fuck, im just not a junkie anymore. i was just using it as a cope because i hate my life, but now i just accept that my life is garbage and there isn't much i can do about it, im just glad i dont want up in withdrawal anymore, what a fucking miserable experience that is.

43 min later 53007654 Anonymous
>>53007375 >its kind of a long story how i ended up deciding to quit so ill skip it don't you want to tell your story to someone though? come on don't be shy

57 min later 53007814 Anonymous
You do realise you can be a drug user and even abuser as long as it isn't heroin and be productive right?

1 hours later 53008341 Anonymous
>>53007237 I'm stoned now. Stop telling so many truths, holy shit, i'm already deep enough in this "habit"

2 hours later 53008373 Anonymous
>>53007237 Quit?? Cocaine use is how I'm turning my social life around! Got one coke buddy and we are going to start hitting clubs and parties.

2 hours later 53008423 Anonymous
can completely relate OP. im currently addicted to opioids, gabapentin and valium. kicked a heavy speed habit months ago, but really fucking miss it and have been using once a week for the last month or so. im su fucking unhappy and anxious and was long before drugs. im pretty sure i have heart damage, and maybe kidney damage but dont want to lose the last thing that brings me any join at all

2 hours later 53008534 Anonymous
>>53007237 I was a porn addict for 12 years. I discovered fapping when I was 8 years old and started watching porn when I turned 12. I knew porn was bad for me about 7 years ago and had series of nofap streaks in effort to quit porn, 99% of the time shorter than 2 weeks. I'm 24 now and it took me 16 years to have a problem free nofap streak lasting a month. Today is my 35th day of nofap. In February I decided to start dramatic changes in my diet to lose weight. I went on a keto diet. I would cheat on my keto diet once a week...then once every two weeks...then every three weeks. Every time I cheated on my keto diet I realized my urges to fap increased tremendously. That was when I saw the connection between diet and fapping. I went on a fast and stopped eating for multiple days, that suddenly made me lose desire to cheat on my keto diet. Because I wasn't cheating on my keto diet I lost desire to fap. I read stories about other people who fasted and they too lost their addictions, addictions for smoking and drinking. Fasting is what I would do if I was addicted to drugs and wanted to quit. It is necessary to remove bad food from your diet in order to feel good enough to not want drugs to feel good, and fasting is what made me lose my cravings for junk food, therefore my cravings to fap. Drugs are an escape from depression or just feeling shitty in general. Fight your depression with proper diet, exercise, and MODERATE amount of caffeine then you won't feel desire to escape your mental state with street drugs. Junk carbohydrates are what I needed to avoid to feel decent again, it is up to you to find what your proper diet is.

2 hours later 53008646 Anonymous
>>53008534 People have said in nofap community that porn was harder for them to quit than heroin. If I can quit porn, you can quit drugs too. Start with fasting, that's what cause the body to do some deep detoxing. Look up autophagy if you want to know the scientific perspective on fasting and detoxing. I personally saw my mental state change during my extended fasts, mostly for the better and I saw the bad times during my fast as good and necessary for my transformation. Like withdrawing from drugs cause you to suffer, but you see it as necessary and good at the end, that's what fasting is, withdrawing from bad food, then you can eat good food and reduce your desire for drugs because you feel good on a good diet, so that you don't need drugs to feel good. This is the key reason why I can finally quit fapping, because I feel good now, so I don't feel the need to fap to feel good.

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