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2019-06-21 06:20 53007220 Anonymous men have impossible standards (cc8b199f26a285445c1454c4e8813b64c271132ae91e0191f5d42db042f56040.jpg 1242x1549 184kB)
i'm pretty average looking and actually pretty sociable, I just became housebound because I was fucked up. since branching out and opening up to people a little more and shit I always am able to talk to women in public and get their numbers; they've even suggested we trade numbers at times. eventually they came up with arbitrary reason as to why you they don't want to hang out with you/text you; society refuses to acknowledge that women are put on a pedestal by everybody (corporations, people, government) and that they have too much power, and too many options to choose from. it's impossible for them to make up their mind because something else is always coming their way and offering to fuck them and buy them food. i now see why our cultures placed a high importance men in the past, something that is looked down upon now. in the current world (at least the western world where i've lived) male life isn't valued one bit, it's just a utility. no wonder we're killing ourselves off in droves. nobody really cares about us as they praise women for taking the same tired old selfie over and over again pic related

3 min later 53007249 Anonymous
>Girls I knew got bored of me Fucking society, why do you put women on a pedestal! we should go back to the stone age when males could fuck whoever they wanted!

3 min later 53007259 Anonymous
ew gross brown eyes

5 min later 53007281 Anonymous
>>53007259 Those are clearly hazel you dumbfuck

6 min later 53007290 Anonymous
>>53007281 poop eyes

7 min later 53007306 Anonymous
As an ugly woman, cant relate OP

1 hours later 53008314 Anonymous (treehugger.jpg 720x960 285kB)
My only standard is being a living person. You really can't compete

1 hours later 53008337 Anonymous
>>53007281 shitskin eye cope

2 hours later 53008370 Anonymous
>>53007220 >lesbian complaining about men being the reason she can't find some fish to fuck Lmfao

2 hours later 53008562 Anonymous
If this post is serious than there is just no way you're capable of holding a pleasant conversation

2 hours later 53008665 Anonymous
>>53007220 it's all fun and games as long as they are young and pretty doubt its so fun afterwards

2 hours later 53008689 Anonymous
>>53008370 There is nothing indicating the OP is female.

2 hours later 53008730 Anonymous
>>53007249 Nice strawman argument, faggot.

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