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2019-06-21 06:16 53007181 Anonymous Its over (19025519.gif 250x394 1053kB)
I said fuck this meaningless life and enlisted. They cant tell you your aptitude test scores in my country but i was high enough to qualify for every career. I passed my physical as well. Then i was dumb enough to disclose mental health diagnosis and i was denied. its all so meaningless now

3 min later 53007213 Anonymous (1537942241063.jpg 500x398 42kB)
>won't be in the army >can't be drafted Why aren't you celebrating dawg?

5 min later 53007233 Anonymous
>>53007213 I never finished highschool, and have no valuable work experience. When i heard that i qualified for every job it opened up my life. Good stuff for a resume. Besides my countrys military is cucked, we dont kill anyone

11 min later 53007299 Anonymous
>>53007233 you arent going to magically get work experience by doing nothing. its easier said than done, but it can still be done.

1 hours later 53007941 Anonymous
>>53007233 Canada? Yeah you done goof'd son.

1 hours later 53007966 Anonymous
>>53007181 Go see another doctor and tell them you want a second opinion on your diagnosis.

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