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2019-06-21 06:15 53007170 Anonymous (Capture.jpg 1218x721 93kB)
What is your favourite way of coping?

3 min later 53007209 Anonymous
Xanax, weed, anime and music I literally live in my own world

13 min later 53007317 Anonymous
>>53007170 BDSM cures depression

24 min later 53007403 Anonymous (1560050651479.jpg 500x565 36kB)
>>53007170 Betting on card games (mostly poker) and alcohol I consider myself pretty healthy since i have friends that cope with cocaine and heavy drugs

27 min later 53007437 Anonymous
heavy drinking and music

49 min later 53007636 Anonymous
>>53007170 Alcohol, lifting and Video games

53 min later 53007687 Anonymous (121E918E-2041-4526-8906-85FE5284F36D.jpg 1024x712 57kB)
>>53007170 Weed and guns

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