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2019-06-21 06:10 53007112 Anonymous (35337295d5b46792e869e90bcef92747.jpg 1350x1992 398kB)
good evening kathy im going to try adding you on steam soon. i hope you liked the manga book i mailed you a couple months ago. it was one of your favorites on myanimelist

31 min later 53007428 Anonymous
wonder how long it will take for my dumbass to be blocked this time there's some good games on sale for 5 bucks right now so if anyone wants a game ask i gues

1 hours later 53007975 Anonymous
>>53007428 This website provides brief glimpses into the lives of the most interesting people

1 hours later 53007996 Anonymous
>>53007975 im not interesting though. you'll find those in discords

1 hours later 53008013 Anonymous
bad evening dumb orbitposter im going to try insulting your unwanted thread on r9k soon

1 hours later 53008212 Anonymous (1561094702662.webm 490x650 846kB)
>>53007112 u should b using ur energy to follow cute korean girls instead of a 4/10 viet roastie

2 hours later 53008296 Anonymous
>>53008212 its not about appearances to me and Kathy isnt ugly. why do you say Kathy is a 4/10. Have you seen her or something

2 hours later 53008578 Anonymous
>>53008296 yeah those bangs cant hide her soulless eyes, terrible fashion sense and smelly snatch

2 hours later 53008651 Anonymous
>>53008578 how have you seen her then? she has nice fashion sense too

2 hours later 53008713 Anonymous
>>53008651 in person retard i was holdin my breath hitting it from behind while she was barkin gook at her dad on the phone shit was so cash stop bangin her tho cuz shes fuckin nuts

2 hours later 53008726 Anonymous
>>53008713 oh i remember you telling this before

2 hours later 53008737 Anonymous
>>53008726 she said u have a small dick too like a 5incher she liked to laugh about it with her friends

3 hours later 53008783 Anonymous
>>53008737 im not 5 inches tho. but it would be weird if she talked about that since she's seen it when i was underage at the time

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