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2019-06-21 06:10 53007110 Anonymous (4DED2604-6B51-46ED-BE31-208DBE9824AF.jpg 1280x720 141kB)
How does one gain the ability to say anything to anyone? Not just girls but random strangers i have some ideas to practice but i wanna know what others think i am really trying to loose this fear in order to act freely autistic outside and talk to girls or strangers with ease basically how to say anything without feeling embarrassment

1 min later 53007132 Anonymous
>>53007110 Simple. Recognize that these people have no power over you. There's a 3 hour YT video of me just heckling people in public, and all I had to do was convince myself that these people could never harm me.

5 min later 53007169 Anonymous
>>53007132 >>53007132 Can you go more into detail on how you convinced yourself also do you mind sharing that video sounds like good inspiration

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36 min later 53007457 Anonymous
>>53007110 Adderrall and alcohol together.

36 min later 53007459 Anonymous
By realizing that literally nothing a random stranger could say to you matters and then repeatedly doing it with that in mind until you stop feeling embarrassed

36 min later 53007461 Anonymous
>>53007132 Post the video faggot. If real people can't harm you, we can't harm you right?

1 hours later 53007749 Anonymous
>>53007457 It have to be something to get rid of it permanently and naturally >>53007459 Repetition is good my problem is just getting into the mindset to start doing it

1 hours later 53007778 Anonymous
Either you really feel like saying something or you trick yourself into thinking your worthless babbling is worth listening. A little bit of narcissism helps.

1 hours later 53007798 Anonymous
>>53007110 I know the feel bro. There's a thing called CBT for people with social anxiety and shiet. Sometimes they have classes you can take where they teach you how to interact with people.

1 hours later 53007831 Anonymous
>>53007749 That is the mindset. What random people on the street say to you doesn't matter and you're unlikely to even interact with them again. >>53007778 this too, just assume by default that everything you have to say has value, this is unironically what people able to do this are like

1 hours later 53007844 Anonymous
Enter in a state of giving no fucks and just go at it, start with the most harmless of approachable people you see and once you see you're actually getting good reactions instead of getting told to fuck off or rude answers, you will win confidence to even do it with qts

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