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2019-06-21 06:08 53007096 Anonymous (2ED26B52-3847-40B1-8675-A5243CBFA9D0.jpg 680x1000 205kB)
The most Chad years to lose your virginity are between ages 12-14. 15-18 are normie tier. Anything above your 20s is pathetic as fuck tier. Prove me wrong.

4 min later 53007152 Anonymous
>Chad/Tyrone 12-14 >Normie 15-19 >Geek/soiboy 20-22 >Loser 23-25 >Ascended 25+

6 min later 53007168 Anonymous
>>53007096 people who lose their virginity between 12-14 usually are weirdos because they were still basically kids. the best age to lose your virginity is 16-18 because you already have a concept of sex and it's easier to get condoms/pills >I lost my virginity at 17 but everyone likes bloomers so don't worry

8 min later 53007192 Anonymous
>>53007168 14 can be high school and no one takes issue with freshmen fucking. 12 with another 12 year old is alpha because that is around the time where children transition from being asexual beings who think the opposite gender has cooties to beings that want to fuck. Shit, they even have condoms in Europe specifically for 12 year old boys.

1 hours later 53008147 Anonymous
>>53007152 >tfw 25 in a month

1 hours later 53008162 Anonymous
Ever is get off r9k tier.

1 hours later 53008178 Anonymous
>>53007192 Imagine thinking Europe is a good model to follow

2 hours later 53008297 Anonymous (received_1480599558743175.png 128x128 23kB)
The only kids who lost their virginity at 12-14 were the trashy poor ones their parents didn't give two shits about Either that or the ones who were just fucking weird overall and gave off "I got diddled by that one uncle no one in my family talks about" vibes

2 hours later 53008319 Anonymous
>>53007152 >tfw lost virginity at 5 H-ha I must be mega chad

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