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2019-06-21 06:07 53007071 Anonymous (D3AE5906-BEC3-44EF-AE78-6737BEDBA69E.jpg 640x476 43kB)
Who are you voting for in the primaries? For me it's Bernie 2020.

1 min later 53007085 Anonymous
>>53007071 >Bernie Bros tryna recruit whiteboys on /r9k/

6 min later 53007149 Anonymous (Screenshot_20190620-221137_Google.jpg 1439x1763 1772kB)
>>53007071 >Voting for Bernie Might as well vote for vermin supreme anon, they're basically the same person, except vermin has a cool boot hat

7 min later 53007162 Anonymous
>voting >in 2019 lol

9 min later 53007177 Anonymous
Bernie wont beat Biden. Biden will get BTFO by Trump because once again, Dems will be too retarded to put up a legit candidate who could beat a retard like Trump.

9 min later 53007180 Anonymous
>>53007162 i know right, the election isnt until 2020

10 min later 53007187 Anonymous
>>53007071 l hope clinton runs again, she has my vote

10 min later 53007191 Anonymous
I'm not a burger so no one

11 min later 53007202 Anonymous
>>53007187 >Hillary >>53007071 >Bernie Man the shills are working overtime today

15 min later 53007235 'claw hunter (touching america.jpg 299x168 12kB)
>>53007177 This nigga ousted himself, he btfo'd himself

20 min later 53007295 Anonymous
i write in my own name, in the chance i become president, i would give everyone a free gun

22 min later 53007313 Anonymous
Voting for Yang in the primary for the lulz and voting Trump in the general election

22 min later 53007318 Anonymous
>>53007235 His views on global warming, him calling Cheney a great guy and saying he can get cancer cured make him look terrible.

22 min later 53007320 Anonymous
>>53007202 Better than trumpeters sucking cheeto cock

23 min later 53007325 Anonymous

24 min later 53007343 Anonymous
>>53007071 >How you do Fellow Robotinos! Just a Rohbit here reminding you to Vote for Bernie, your fellow Robobernie Robot! Kill youself.

25 min later 53007351 Anonymous

25 min later 53007353 Anonymous
>>53007071 And you are a phonenigger too. Figures. Origami.

26 min later 53007357 Anonymous
>>53007071 I'm hopeful for Andrew Yang.

29 min later 53007385 Anonymous
>>53007071 Depends if the primaries are open. I'm not registering as a democrat

32 min later 53007404 Anonymous (1557472713360.jpg 1012x1051 143kB)
/pol/ is that way. Bring this nice pic of the Bernster with you.

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