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2019-06-21 06:02 53007015 Anonymous (4fa8355b9ee8ea673aef92db39397b76.jpg 4870x3335 1594kB)
What's a common thing people say about you

6 min later 53007091 Anonymous (1556849857409.jpg 1280x960 189kB)
>>53007015 My coworkers tell me that I am hard to approach and that I should smile more

6 min later 53007099 Anonymous (1558656663718.png 438x503 124kB)
>>53007015 >You'd have a gf if you weren't fat >You have cool hobbies, fun personality, you're not too ugly if it weren't for you being fat >I'd go out with you if you weren't fat >you're perfect bf material if you weren't fat Thank god i'm starting to work out.

6 min later 53007101 Anonymous
Nothing, cause no one knows I exist

6 min later 53007103 Anonymous
>>53007015 "dipshit" is pretty common

7 min later 53007104 Anonymous (Screenshot_20190521-030309.png 339x375 162kB)
>>53007015 That I'm dumb, retarded, stupid, gay, faggot, tranny Yeah I like my friends

8 min later 53007117 Anonymous
>>53007091 I hate this shit, smiling is for faggots

19 min later 53007228 Anonymous
>you look depressed >you look angry >you look like you need a coffee >you should smile more >youre so mysterious >i bet you secretly [insert illegal activity] i need a new job... teachers always did this shit to me too. im just sitting there, doing my work, feeling content, and they come over and softly talk to me like some kind of fucking therapist trying to talk to a school shooter. i fucking hate it. just leave me alone.

21 min later 53007258 Anonymous
>>53007015 Mean things most of the time. When they don't. I do not exist for them.

23 min later 53007270 Anonymous
That I'm angry all the time and never laugh. Neither is true I just can't fake laugh. >>53007228 It's your face dude, I have the same issue. You can try forcing your expression to something more cheerful but it's extremely tiring.

23 min later 53007280 Anonymous (053fe1fe883fae3afdfd55be70552143.jpg 564x779 51kB)
>>53007015 People don't say anything about me because they don't know I exist. The last time I left the house the neighbor called the cops on me because she thought I was "a strange man she'd never seen before near her house." I've lived here for over a decade.

28 min later 53007337 Anonymous
>>53007091 >>53007228 It's a double edged sword, I've walked past groups of thugs many times and they never try to start shit but the social side makes it hard to connect with others but when people try to reach out to me and get me out of my shell they get wowed by my wicked sense of humor

34 min later 53007386 Anonymous
When I start talking to new people they often tell me that they feel like we've already been good friends for a really long time.

40 min later 53007434 Anonymous
Honestly I dont know. Once I skipped class for a couple days because I was depressed and some overweight roasties said they were worried about me. I dont talk to many people so theres not that much overlap. Probably that I'm quiet and they think I'm gay

41 min later 53007443 Anonymous
they always ask me if somethings wrong. i guess i have a resting miserable face.

43 min later 53007454 Anonymous
>>53007337 >I've walked past groups of thugs many times and they never try to start shit Lel can confirm this happens. But theres another downside to this, you know how some people are just extremely angry and full of rage and love to challenge others? When you have a no friends face tough guy face and come into contact with that kind of challenging people they will start shit for no reason. It rarely happens but it does.

45 min later 53007473 Anonymous
>>53007337 yes! when im finally comfortable around someone, they love me. but its impossible to act like myself when these fuckers have already decided that they know everything about me...

46 min later 53007492 Anonymous (1554753718375.jpg 3008x2000 583kB)
All my life I've been known as the wierd kid because I told gross sexual jokes and made random noises for attention in HS but now that I'm out I've just realized that I am a genuine person once you get to know me. Sorry for the blog post I just needed to vent

50 min later 53007524 Anonymous
people don't make comments about me. in fact, they seem like they're trying not to trigger me constantly. i guess i look like a panic-stricken time bomb

51 min later 53007537 Anonymous
"it's like you're never truly there when someone is talking to you"

55 min later 53007571 Anonymous (IMG_6546.jpg 704x396 23kB)
>>53007015 >"you're always so quiet..." >"are you angry?" >"he never leaves his room." Every time my older brother comes to our house he asks me what i'm up to and i just say "nothing much", every time for years.

1 hours later 53007649 Anonymous
>>53007015 Too quiet. I look angry and intimidating for some reason.

1 hours later 53007736 Anonymous
>>53007015 I apparently bear a striking resemblance to Dwight from The Office.

2 hours later 53008335 Anonymous
>you're 19? you look 16.

2 hours later 53008622 Anonymous
>>53007270 >It's your face dude, I have the same issue. You can try forcing your expression to something more cheerful but it's extremely tiring. Fucking this. Everyone said I looked angry when I was a kid, now they probably still think this but don't mention anymore

2 hours later 53008631 Anonymous
>You need to talk more >Youre pale as a vampire

2 hours later 53008632 Anonymous
>you're so tall >you're quiet

3 hours later 53008770 Anonymous
>>53007280 Fuck, thats depressing to hear

3 hours later 53008799 Anonymous
>>53007015 I can't think of a specific phrase, but I tend to get remarks of surprise.

3 hours later 53008812 Anonymous
>>53007099 The transformation happens sooner than they say

3 hours later 53008825 Anonymous
>why do you sound like a robot if havent heard this youre not a real robot!

3 hours later 53008916 Anonymous
You and your humour Because all my repertoire is about how all of us are getting fired.

4 hours later 53009477 Anonymous
>>53007015 "anon you sure you're not gay?"

4 hours later 53009491 Anonymous
>>53007015 I don't talk to people anymore, so I don't know what they say about me.

4 hours later 53009576 Anonymous
Something about thinking I would be smart/nerdy because I wear glasses or that I play video games

4 hours later 53009631 Anonymous
>>53007015 I reckon they say, what a tit

4 hours later 53009664 Anonymous
>>53007337 >I've walked past groups of thugs many times and they never try to start This was literally my defense mechanism in high school,and now I'm thinking it actually worked with the way you guys describe it. I've literally never been in a fight in my life, but nobody has ever really tried to start anything with me either. I don't have friends though

7 hours later 53010586 Anonymous
>you're so quiet >are you upset? why do you look like that?

7 hours later 53010616 Anonymous (1df5fee5.png 727x682 172kB)
Smart but lazy teachers parents random people tell me this I just play vidya all day and jerk off to hardcore porn for an hour every day so the lazy part is okay but i disagree with the smart

7 hours later 53010617 Anonymous
>>53007015 >attractive >hot >big dick energy (heard once) >very deep voice on the other hand... >edgy >awkward >'lol wtf are u listening to is that video game music? >anons probably most likely to shoot up the school rofl >hahaha nice nails

7 hours later 53010641 Anonymous (INTP-tfw its all true.png 1423x1296 333kB)
>>53007015 >lazy >creepy >weird >has potential

7 hours later 53010673 Anonymous (1560201873202.png 720x646 422kB)
>>53007015 they tell me I'm artistic, weird and >nice

7 hours later 53010894 Anonymous
>Why are you always so serious anon? >Why you never smile anon? >Why are you so introvert anon?

7 hours later 53010942 Anonymous
>>53007015 I was called a sperg today for deleting discord messages. I think that person is in for a rude awakening about discord in general, you really can't fucking trust people these days

8 hours later 53010991 Anonymous
>>53010942 I'm thinking of deleting my discord account but none of my friends will make an account on Riot.im or any other service. These bastards don't want to trade convenience for privacy.

8 hours later 53011476 Anonymous
>>53010617 just cut your nails anon

9 hours later 53011596 Anonymous (1550431420696.jpg 600x679 67kB)
That I'm scary and evil looking

9 hours later 53011602 Anonymous (1547552624343.jpg 500x375 23kB)
I've heard "damn, you're tall!" since primary school and it's the first thing anyone ever comments on. When I was in middle school everyone told me I was ugly or that I had a big nose and no chin and that's one of the reasons why I have no confidence or self esteem. A friend told me my smile was disgusting which made me stop smiling in public.

9 hours later 53011735 Cvnka (26fbc42497aa85669ddf432a6ba27f7d.jpg 563x487 27kB)
>>53007015 That i am a bad person.

9 hours later 53011754 Anonymous
Quiet. Know a lot of long words. Weird. Argue a lot.

9 hours later 53011775 Anonymous
>>53007015 "You think too much" originally

9 hours later 53011815 Anonymous
>>53007015 >you don't smile enough >you look like you're gonna walk in with an AR and homemade bombs someday

9 hours later 53011876 Anonymous
>>53008632 Dude you can get laid easy

9 hours later 53011885 Anonymous (maxresdefault (1).jpg 1280x720 76kB)

9 hours later 53011916 Anonymous
>>53011885 Like he should have a big wanger but he actually has an average peen

9 hours later 53011956 Anonymous
Pushover Mostly because I want to make my friends happy. Friends getting asshurt or angry bothers me. I hate hurting peoples feelings. It gnaws at me when I know someone's mad at me. I do put my foot down sometimes when I actually want something though.

9 hours later 53011983 Anonymous
>>53011916 That's sounds like the biggest cope ever

9 hours later 53011999 Anonymous
>>53008335 That's okay I drove somewhere with my mother yesterday to an event and the woman st the gate said "hello ladies" That's what I get for shaving. I'm not into fembm boy shit at all. FUCK.

9 hours later 53012010 Anonymous (1560573010444.jpg 407x347 15kB)
>You are cute NO! I'M A MAN! I'M NOT CUTE! >inb4 some tranny tells me to transition

9 hours later 53012024 Anonymous
>>53011999 Idiot, u could date a lesbia qt

9 hours later 53012107 Anonymous
>>53011885 Thats what girls say to gas you up when they find you attractive.

10 hours later 53012183 Anonymous
>>53012107 Not a single girl that liked me told me such a thing

10 hours later 53012205 Anonymous
>>53011885 i have no idea either, i asked them and they just said it was a compliment

10 hours later 53012216 Anonymous (1560803392549.gif 498x278 1776kB)
>>53012183 Thats because they liked you for reasons other than your looks

10 hours later 53012223 Anonymous
>>53011476 nah i bite them, cant get out of the habit.

10 hours later 53012286 Anonymous
They tell me I have a nice voice.. before they realize how boring I am and stop talking to me.

10 hours later 53012331 Anonymous
i often get asked if i can speak spanish or if in mexican. its a nice upgrade from the "why are you so weird and ugly" type of comments

10 hours later 53012356 Anonymous
>>53011602 ah a fellow big nose. i rarely get told about that anymore. i used to to think i had nig ancestry because of it which killed my confidence. however i have a chin and average smile so im probably not as bad as you. turns out a lot of hispanics and scottish have big noses so

10 hours later 53012431 Anonymous
>>53012216 Like what? Good personality without looks is a meme

10 hours later 53012510 Anonymous (1559085337004.jpg 608x611 51kB)
>>53007015 That I'm weird

10 hours later 53012511 Anonymous
>>53008825 I've had people make fun of me for stilted speech before, especially in school.

10 hours later 53012531 Anonymous (03998ce4f61eaa060be0c79a59d429d3--anime-boy-hair-hot-anime-boy.jpg 600x849 67kB)
>>53012431 No U R meme it means you are just meh looking

10 hours later 53012542 Anonymous
>>53007015 "You're funny" I don't know why.

10 hours later 53012552 Anonymous
>>53012531 U r not wrong but if i try i can look really decent

10 hours later 53012583 Anonymous
I remember back in school I was with a group for a book study, the book had a lot of gore in it and there was a girl talking about the shit she's seen and I was telling her I'd like to see it and that it was pretty tame, and one of the guys in my group called me disturbing. I remember taking it as a compliment, but the more I think about it the more I believe he was actually disturbed.

10 hours later 53012704 Anonymous
I am the worlds smartest retard

11 hours later 53012856 Anonymous (1559401576838.gif 333x358 1921kB)
>>53007015 I haven't met a single person in my entire life who hasn't at some point asked me if I was jewish

11 hours later 53013065 Anonymous (San Miguel Arcangel-3.png 634x848 707kB)
>Anon why are you so serious >You are funny Anon Those are pretty much the first impression I cause on people, then they realize I am only a weirdo and stop talking to me

12 hours later 53013112 Anonymous
>>53007015 "Look at his hair xdddd It fucking sucks xdddd"

12 hours later 53013190 Anonymous
>>53012223 just use the nail polish dude

12 hours later 53013266 Anonymous
>>53010991 keep your discord account and just periodically delete your messages. It won't stop them being logged, it won't stop discord siphoning off your information that you have no choice but to send, but it'll stop tards remembering they have a scroll wheel when they inevitably find something you said offensive and try to build a case about how you're secretly the worst person on earth.

12 hours later 53013297 Anonymous (1560268456893.webm 480x480 1564kB)
I'm quiet, normal, and dependable. That's basically it, but only my coworkers even talk to me. I'm actually a weirdo virgin with no friends who hasn't had a non-masked conversation with a female in 10 years and I'm into rape, ryona, and guro mongolian flipbooks. Probably normalfag standards on here but my coworkers would probably think I'm weird if they found out I read comics and play vidya, let alone what I masturbate to. my mom says i'm nice, too, but that doesn't count

12 hours later 53013302 Anonymous (9ad6a2674ea080.jpg 320x320 24kB)
>>53007015 >"You're very intelligent anon, but damn you're lazy." friends, family, teachers, fucking hell even acquaintances

12 hours later 53013333 Anonymous
most lately, it's that i have a nice voice.

12 hours later 53013381 Anonymous
>do you ever smile? >oh look he said something

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