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2019-06-21 05:56 53006942 Anonymous (1558919030312.png 828x658 304kB)
tfw the benzos are kicking in

4 min later 53006989 Anonymous (large.jpg 500x888 200kB)
>>53006942 I have Ativan. Is that any good?

7 min later 53007035 Anonymous
that feel when no girlfriend to do heroin with

8 min later 53007047 Anonymous (1557147194453.jpg 790x700 197kB)
>tfw you don't feel anything anymore unless you take at least 6mg

9 min later 53007057 Anonymous
>>53006989 no clue im only on Klonopin

10 min later 53007068 Anonymous (surprised-shocked-face-expression-photo-man-s-showing-wide-eyes-91745441.jpg 1300x957 118kB)
>tfw the nicotine is coursing through me

15 min later 53007130 Anonymous
>>53006942 l grew up on that shit, l started benzos at like age 9 daily

26 min later 53007241 Anonymous
>>53007057 Benzos will really fuck you up long term.

30 min later 53007287 Anonymous
>>53007130 damn bro. current status?

31 min later 53007300 Anonymous
>>53006942 nice anon, im so jealous. enjoy the peace while it lasts

34 min later 53007332 Anonymous (1560569828904.jpg 480x800 37kB)
>>53007287 >current status? FITH (Fucked In the Head)

37 min later 53007362 Anonymous (1505429428786.jpg 576x1024 79kB)
>>53006942 I love my klonopin I go it so fast I run out I've run out about 5 days ago. fuck. no more of my speed either

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