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2019-06-21 05:55 53006929 Anonymous (shuaiby.gif 480x270 947kB)
who else /failure/ here

0 min later 53006939 Anonymous
>>53006929 did this kill him or did he survive the attempt?

1 min later 53006951 Anonymous
>>53006939 i'm pretty sure you can't survive a blast like that

2 min later 53006954 Anonymous
>>53006939 it grew back, hes fine

4 min later 53006974 Anonymous
>>53006951 >i'm pretty sure you can't survive a blast like that what if it didnt hit his brain

4 min later 53006984 Anonymous
>>53006929 why have i seen so many threads about this recently?

5 min later 53006992 Anonymous
>>53006984 Glowniggers psyop to make robots commit suicide.

5 min later 53006997 Anonymous
>>53006984 about being a failure? It's kind of the staple of a 4chan posters life

6 min later 53007002 Anonymous
>>53006974 his whole head was curbed into a mosh, that red gib flying on the room may be his brain

6 min later 53007007 Anonymous (IMG_2303.jpg 720x548 32kB)
>>53006939 He looks pretty fine to me. He just slept it off.

8 min later 53007041 Anonymous (1557859409259.png 720x707 395kB)
>>53006929 Just remember bros, this subhuman was >mudslime >furry >tranny Don't feel sad for it.

8 min later 53007045 Anonymous
>>53007007 lol its funny because it wasnt fine haha

11 min later 53007070 Anonymous
>flesh hitting the wall above the window >part of his beanie bouncing off the window while the other half stays on his head >blood on the ceiling br00tal

12 min later 53007082 Anonymous
>>53006939 He ended up with his face destroyed. One eye missing, and paralyzed. To be fair he married his nurse, and seems happy now.

13 min later 53007090 Anonymous
>>53007082 >To be fair he married his nurse, and seems happy now. women arent all terrible after all

13 min later 53007097 Anonymous
>>53006929 Anybody know the real reason this faggot took the bullet?

15 min later 53007126 Anonymous
>>53007041 said the faggot as he posted garfielf x tomoko porn

17 min later 53007141 Anonymous
>>53006929 I wouldn't consider myself a failure really, at least not by conventional standards. I mean I have a job and I'm in uni, plus I'm fit so it could be worse, I just don't think I care much to see the other side of failure. I just pray for death.

17 min later 53007147 Anonymous

20 min later 53007174 Anonymous
>>53007097 di5cord 7rannies

21 min later 53007183 Anonymous
>>53006929 I would love to see someone post this in slow motion. I have no idea how to do it myself.

2 hours later 53008196 Anonymous
>>53007090 WRONG they get criples and retards for the neetbucks that makes them worse

2 hours later 53008215 Anonymous
>>53006929 >28 >still live with parents >worthless degree >no friends >no life best i can do is 16/hr merchandising. I don't even see a point in trying to "make it" anymore. I feel like you're supposed to be trending upward all throughout your 20's or you're fucked

2 hours later 53008221 Anonymous
>>53006974 His brain dodged it by jumping out on to the ceiling.

2 hours later 53008301 Anonymous
>>53007141 >I just pray for death This

2 hours later 53008419 Anonymous (1489380369411.jpg 482x427 73kB)
>ugly fat balding manlet small dick and also severe ED problems at fucking 24 The game was rigged before I was even born

2 hours later 53008443 Anonymous (1560010328780.jpg 208x250 8kB)
>>53008215 Me too, anon. I think I'm just gonna fucking leave the country or straight up kms.

3 hours later 53008715 Anonymous
>>53006929 Me, and my Chad brother who's younger than me visiting my parents and talking about his successes always reminds me of what a loser I am.

4 hours later 53009181 Anonymous
>>53006939 he was protected by the power of anime, survived and became the owner of 4chan

4 hours later 53009197 Anonymous
>>53006929 If I knew at 23 I'd by a loser working a dead end restaurant job I wouldve just dropped out of high school

4 hours later 53009234 Anonymous
i finally was able to send my first resume, even if i dont get a response i think i can send more now. all i need to focus on is getting money a car a license and a place to crash to call my own. Il think what to do next when i have those things.

4 hours later 53009242 Anonymous
>>53009234 >he thinks he can get all that Lmao Get a bicycle

4 hours later 53009279 Anonymous
>>53009242 i have a bicycle, ive already rode to most worthwhile places in 40km radius. And ofc i can get that if i get paid il eventually get that its not like il be on some minimum wage working check to check nah maybe a while but once ive gained enough confidence il fuckoff to something better. also all those comfy night rides il be doing are gonna be gr8.

4 hours later 53009311 Anonymous (6A459AAA-49A8-4F09-8950-2B32D0BA6D69.png 1092x1050 122kB)
>>53009279 >he thinks he's gonna be able to move up in pay

4 hours later 53009325 Anonymous
>>53006939 You ever seen the video mate? No fucking way in hell he survived having the majority of his brain matter sprayed over the fucking wall.

4 hours later 53009330 Anonymous
What makes you say you're a failure

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