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2019-06-21 05:54 53006920 Anonymous (poppy seeds.jpg 1119x1500 298kB)
What's your experience with poppy seed tea? Apparently it's a perfectly legal way to use morphine.

6 min later 53006981 Anonymous
Never thought id say this but reddit would be a better place to find an answer

7 min later 53006995 Anonymous
it works but its a pain in the ass. just buy some kratom for real.

8 min later 53007022 Anonymous
>>53006920 They pre-wash poppy seeds now. So unless you know a poppy farmer you can buy directly from, you're SOL.

9 min later 53007025 Anonymous
if you want to do opiates just go buy fucking pills or heroin. i have never understood the poppy seed tea people, all that effort just to get the same high as a bag of dope. it just makes zero sense.

21 min later 53007165 Anonymous (33.jpg 1080x844 95kB)
>>53006920 Unwashed seeds are pretty easy to come by over the internet. A quick google search leads me to quite a few retailers. How is poppy seed tea? I hear its very strong, but not much of a recreational high. People say its more for addicts that want to stop spending so much on heroin. How long does the high last? Is it a good buzz? >>53006981 The sub-reddit dedicated to poppy tea went private, and they never told anyone much about it. It really wasn't a good source for much info at all.

50 min later 53007447 Anonymous
>>53007165 what you want are "english" poppy seeds from the nodding turtle, food to live, sincerely nuts, and we got nuts. the reddit will ban you for mentioning these websites. the effects last all day. you basically put the seeds in water, shake it for 5 minutes, put it through a strainer or filter to separate the liquid from the solid, and drink the liquid.

56 min later 53007504 Anonymous (000054.png 657x527 45kB)
>>53007447 People say its a gamble with the seeds you buy. Some say they can be very strong or very weak. What is an appropriate test dose to check the potency?

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