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2019-06-21 05:39 53006767 Anonymous (1556875805666.jpg 500x375 45kB)
Taco Bell called me back for an interview for closing shift. Should I try to go? t. 28 year old with no skills who's never had a job

2 min later 53006794 Anonymous
>>53006767 Do it, your life is going nowhere anyway

3 min later 53006813 Anonymous
>>53006767 taco bell can be chill if you don't work with darkies if you're the only white person there prepare for hell

5 min later 53006835 Anonymous
>>53006767 dont do it, i burned my head like 100 fucking times working there on the grill station, literal burns on my head

7 min later 53006854 Anonymous (1535598974496.png 618x137 13kB)
>>53006813 I read the reviews and someone said there's a tranny working there. But the manager is supposedly nice. >>53006835 oh. welp

7 min later 53006863 Anonymous (34vvqskzalz21.jpg 640x736 54kB)
>>53006767 I dont see why not. It'll be nice to have a job and be making some money. Hope it goes well for you Anon

17 min later 53006950 Anonymous
>>53006854 I would be a good opportunity to get some spending money, and Taco Bell isn't a very hard place to work at as long as you just do what you need to do. If the manager is nice you're pretty lucky. Having a good manager is always great, and the tranny part doesn't matter one bit, as long as they're not annoying who gives a fuck.

20 min later 53006977 Anonymous
>>53006854 If a tranny can survive there, you certainly can. that is, as long as it's not a black tranny

30 min later 53007107 Anonymous
>>53006767 If you really want a chill time, nightshift McDonalds shift was one of my favorite jobs because we were only drive thru open at night, so I didn't have to wear a uniform, I could listen to music/watch videos if we really had nothing to do. not to mention I worked with with some chill dudes so we just fucked around for 9 hours until the morning people relieved us

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