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2019-06-21 05:35 53006710 Anonymous (1560967596117.jpg 600x800 34kB)
what does it mean if a girl told me "You're really good at setting up boundaries"?

12 min later 53006862 Anonymous
>>53006710 You think we know ?????????????????????????? mute her for being unoriginal. tell her those are the words of your ears, bring your own.

13 min later 53006880 Anonymous
She things you're gay and won't tap the booty on command

1 hours later 53007412 Anonymous
You have the self control not to be a slut and she's jealous

1 hours later 53007660 Anonymous
>>53006710 She wants to be closer to you and wonders why you dont let her

1 hours later 53007717 Anonymous
>>53006710 She's has trouble setting boundaries. She's done therapy, which is where she learned the concept and why she expresses it in therapy language. You probably seem "good at setting boundaries", i.e. mental/social independence, just accidentally by virtue of being at least 30% robot. I make these guesses based on a similar personal experience, mileage varies.

1 hours later 53007729 Anonymous
>>53006710 She thinks you'd be a good Dungeon Master

1 hours later 53007779 Anonymous
>>53007717 This >>53006710 Girls put out on the first date nowadays, when I guy doesnt try to get some becuase his parents were old when he was born, she is shocked

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