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2019-06-21 05:33 53006692 Anonymous (viper3.jpg 724x724 28kB)
Have you ever tried anal masturbation? I recommend it

0 min later 53006702 Anonymous
>>53006692 only works sometimes for me. sometimes I can't find the sweet spot and lose my boner. one time I think I hurt my prostate because it was hard to pee afterwards, so it kind of scared me out of doing it a lot

1 min later 53006709 Anonymous
>>53006702 Be gentle and make sure there's no poop in the way

2 min later 53006728 Anonymous
>>53006692 kinda addicted to it desu. have to do it at least once a week. i kinda hate that but it feels great so meh.

3 min later 53006735 Anonymous
>>53006692 I am unoriginally addicted to anal masturbation desu.

6 min later 53006766 Anonymous
>>53006692 I have. Cant quite hack it.

6 min later 53006768 Anonymous
I tried fingering my butt one time. I clearly wasn't doing it right though. There wasn't any pain but I didn't get any pleasure from it either. It was just a very odd sensation. I don't know why but I just never tried it again after that.

8 min later 53006800 Anonymous
>>53006692 its too hard, how do i do it with a finger?

9 min later 53006806 Anonymous (612873612 =.png 219x182 26kB)
>>53006692 How the fuck do you even do it? I've owned a dildo for about a year and a half and have used it like three times because its so much more hassle than just jacking off. Every time it just felt weird, not necessarily amazing. What's the best way to prep for it? How do I find this 'good' spot people talk about?

9 min later 53006811 Anonymous
>>53006702 losing your boner doesn't mean you're doing it wrong, lots of the time people don't stay hard with prostate stimulation

11 min later 53006829 Anonymous
>>53006692 Hi Ricoshit

12 min later 53006836 Anonymous
>>53006806 Dildos are a bit of a blunt tool if you don't prostate orgasm easily, I'd recommend a toy specifically for the prostate, or at least something hard and curved. The prostate is 2-3 inches in on the dick side of your asshole, it's about walnut sized. It can be hard to find, but when you push on it you should feel a bit like you need to pee

38 min later 53007139 Anonymous
how do you guys clean your butt effectively?

49 min later 53007248 Anonymous
i have a fetish for leaking pre-cum/whatever else, but i can't actually do it myself, any tips? do i just need to not fap for a long time before doing it or something? >>53007139 never understood this meme, i've never had major clean up problems, especially if i shit beforehand

51 min later 53007265 Anonymous
>>53006692 I'm saving up to buy a new toy, not sure if I should go for like a curved dildo or a vibrator.

53 min later 53007285 Anonymous (1560916150216.webm 402x666 2002kB)
>>53007248 precum is mostly genetic I guess pygeum is supposed to increase it though, I never really noticed anything when I tried it, but some people start leaking like a faucet after a few weeks

53 min later 53007296 Anonymous
>>53006806 >>53006800 >1. Sit down on top of a pillow with your legs stretched out >2. Move to the edge of the pillow and spread your checks >3. Take your middle finger and press the pad of the finger against your sphincter with some lube >4. Let it slide in slowly >5. Once it's all the way in then lean forward for extra depth, using the pillow for leverage >6. Move it around until you find a walnut shaped thing

56 min later 53007322 Anonymous (1428578997900669.jpg 550x535 27kB)
>>53006692 I tried but have a difficult time finding the spot. Would be much easier if we had gfs, no?

57 min later 53007333 Anonymous
>>53006692 No, I'm not gay. Fuck off

57 min later 53007336 Anonymous
>>53007248 I usually get a bit of shit on whatever I'm using unless I spend a while on enemas Has anyone used psyllium husk or anything for cleaner poops?

57 min later 53007338 Anonymous
>>53007296 can i do it standing up?

57 min later 53007342 Anonymous
>>53007322 My ex was bad at prostate massaging. It's a lot easier to be gentle when you know how it feels, but a girl can get better angles

58 min later 53007348 Anonymous
>>53007338 You'd probably have to bend over, which would be uncomfortable

58 min later 53007350 Anonymous
>>53007338 technically, but it'll probably be easier to reach sitting. You could also lay on your side and pull your knees up, which is an easier position

1 hours later 53007900 Anonymous
>>53007338 its honestly easier to just lay on your side with your knees pulled up, just careful not to injure your shoulder most toys designed for this sort of thing are hands free, and work via contracting your asshole muscles

2 hours later 53008016 Anonymous (1561089387370.jpg 500x500 44kB)
>>53007296 Thanks, I will try this. originally of course

2 hours later 53008122 Anonymous
>>53006692 >>53006829 Based /asp/ retards posting about male prostate stimulation on an anonymous tahiti clear water fish watching forum

2 hours later 53008222 Anonymous
>>53007333 dont you feel good when shitting anon? is your anus sensitive?

4 hours later 53009235 Anonymous
>>53008222 Trips of truth. oreuihr2783428374

4 hours later 53009296 Anonymous
>>53006692 yea, used to do that in the past. better than fapping but it's awfully long the preparations. plus it's a bit risky for me as i live with my parents. i bet they would be a little disappointed if they saw me hard with something in my ass, kek.

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