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2019-06-21 05:30 53006652 Anonymous anyone else not attracted to "pretty" women here? (dumbroastie.jpg 239x211 7kB)
I'm not a faggot guys I just don't find myself attracted to women (especially ones that look like pic related) I guess I just find makeup disgusting or something because they look alright without it (unless she's some acne scarred fatass) now I'm not an incel either I left my robot status behind as I've had multiple gfs by now and lost my virginity too. I just don't see how bros can be attracted to makeup wearing thots, even if they aren't sluttish the makeup still grosses me out it could just be a sperg thing idk just wondering if any other bros here feel the same way

2 min later 53006682 Anonymous
>>53006652 belle delphine looks photoshopped to me tho idk if she is. i do get your point, anon. if she's trying way too hard i assume she's really vain and uninteresting. sort of like how some girls are turned off by musclebound chads because if you're mega-swole then there's no way you do anything else but go to the gym in your free time

4 min later 53006712 Anonymous
>>53006652 I'm the same, prefer less makeup/something being unique w their face, I think it's a bit of an evolutionary cope desu, like "those thots seem unattainable, pfft I wouldn't want to anyway" / subconsciously you like the idea of less competition so aim a bit lower. That said I realise this is shallow as fuck of me to do and I'd be irritated if I was getting disregarded for how I choose to dress/style my hair/etc etc.

5 min later 53006718 Anonymous
>>53006682 this, a lot of women who wear makeup to cover their face are probably either ugly, insecure, or just want attention

6 min later 53006736 Anonymous
>>53006712 >evolutionary cope probably also true, i know one very ugly nigger who's legitimately attracted to some ugly ass women

7 min later 53006748 Anonymous
>>53006736 niggers always go for ugly whales lmao

8 min later 53006755 Anonymous
>>53006748 sorry by nigger i mean nigga, as in man. it's a white dude

12 min later 53006803 Anonymous
>>53006755 oh, yeah the evolutionary cope thing the human mind works so fucking weird I swear, it's like women with makeup further than like eyeshadow or whatever just disgust me

20 min later 53006897 Anonymous
>>53006652 Makeup makes them look like videogame characters instead of real people

22 min later 53006915 Anonymous
Nonsense, a good scan through supermodels or whatever and you will find what is your type If it's not Belle that's fine, r9k is like 4chan, painfully bad at actual knowledge of any kind

25 min later 53006933 Anonymous
she is not attractive to me on any level, she looks like an annoying kid that eats too much candy and has jolly rancher breath. that's what she is going for anyway, childlike creepo shit, its really gross.

28 min later 53006963 Anonymous
>>53006915 all of the fucking women I see who have orbiters especially the """fembots""" just look so fucking ugly it's like they have some sort of mental disorder or something

43 min later 53007157 Anonymous (dtgyrnjt74c21.jpg 750x731 80kB)
For me it's more of a "she's so god damn gorgeous I definitely dont even register as a potential mate to her" so I just nip it in the bud quickly

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