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2019-06-21 05:28 53006623 Anonymous (1417280778778.jpg 800x1116 201kB)
>Hey white boy, you cute. Wanna take me out some time? What do?

1 min later 53006640 Anonymous
>>53006623 say no negroso

5 min later 53006698 Anonymous
>>53006623 I'd think she was playing a trick on me

12 min later 53006793 Anonymous
flat out "no"

14 min later 53006805 Anonymous
>>53006623 Why not? I've got nothing to lose. I can get other women if I want them. Let's dance, bitch.

14 min later 53006817 Anonymous (1550461645299.png 362x367 4kB)
Yes please, I love chocolate

16 min later 53006830 Anonymous (1554976468732.jpg 1158x1618 424kB)
>tfw no wholesome traditional black gf/wife

19 min later 53006869 Anonymous
>>53006623 looks like my oneitis. I love

19 min later 53006871 Anonymous
>>53006830 I married one. I love her so fucking much.

20 min later 53006885 Anonymous
>>53006871 >married >*posts on r9k*

22 min later 53006899 Anonymous (1560591714946-r9k.png 606x473 618kB)
>tfw when you will never flip a nog off the railing of a 10 story building.

23 min later 53006905 Anonymous
>>53006885 Love and loneliness aren't the only things that break a man.

23 min later 53006907 Anonymous
>>53006623 No thanks black girl

28 min later 53006948 Anonymous (1558661373312.png 706x829 97kB)
>>53006623 >Hey white boy, you cute. It's funny to think that this would ever happen. Being a perma-virgin sure is fun

28 min later 53006952 Anonymous
>tfw ugly skinny jew >tfw you will never have a cute thick black gf with a big booty >tfw you will never meet her family and be funny with her black brothers and they let you join their friend crew of other black guys

29 min later 53006960 Anonymous
>>53006952 >Hey Jew boy, you cute

32 min later 53007000 Anonymous
>>53006960 >reemnber im a friendless kissless virgin past my mid 20s terrified of thinking how pathetic i would be on a date, kissing or sex >make an excuse and run away

50 min later 53007212 Anonymous
>>53006623 hey black female shill on 4chan, want to lose some weight? what do?

54 min later 53007242 Anonymous
>>53006623 I'm at the point where if a girl called me cute and genuinely meant it I'd probably start fucking crying.

54 min later 53007253 Anonymous (MV5BNzE2MWRiMjYtYjVkMC00YWYzLTgxODItNzJjZDI5Nzg1MDkyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjAwODA4Mw@@._V1_.jpg 500x500 135kB)
>tfw no east coast qt black gf

1 hours later 53007376 Anonymous (7506aba0e0f36e068ddf5b3adf5cb997f07ae19956208de9b1ccc224920e933f.jpg 1024x683 104kB)
>>53006623 I live with me mudder an ol man. We be a fine bunch, but me paw hasn't the care for nigh the nigress in sight. Perhaps we could bring ye in a cage with a leesh. Aye, Call it bdsm we will. Ye look a lil chunky there lass but I'll carry you to me chambers even if they were atop mt 'erest for that there as... I meen booty. Aye, booty. Me loves to plunder booty. No but really I live with my parents, don't know how to drive and collect neetbux. Don't ask. Also my folks are wildly racist so there's that too. Do you have aids? I'm sorry I don't know why I just said that. Wait, please, I need this. I.. Please just wait.. Fuck. God damn it. This is proof god doesn't exist.

1 hours later 53007738 Anonymous
yikes you losers deserve to suffer. Can't appreciate quality when it breaks your jaw.

2 hours later 53007968 Anonymous
>>53006830 Get that DR Horton shit out of here

3 hours later 53008706 Anonymous
hey look at this haha got you.

3 hours later 53008723 Anonymous
>>53006623 >"Why is it only niggers that try to talk to me?" >turns 360 degrees and walks away

3 hours later 53008901 Anonymous
>>53006871 Same. We have two kids and they're the light of my life.

3 hours later 53008923 Anonymous
>>53006623 >Sure, why not? Where to?

4 hours later 53008961 Anonymous (1560894389039.png 540x686 15kB)
dark skin tasty >>53006698 >>53006805 >>53006817 >>53006948 >>53007242 >>53008923 These >>53006830 >tfw no wholesome dominant black gf/wife

4 hours later 53009082 Anonymous
>>53008961 Im glad to find some people who agree with me

4 hours later 53009108 Anonymous
>>53007253 absolutely based and bronxpilled

4 hours later 53009133 Anonymous
>>53006623 It there more beautiful black girls like this one?

4 hours later 53009152 Anonymous (1558639713215.jpg 480x480 41kB)
idk kill myself maybe? Im not sure

4 hours later 53009168 Anonymous (1fe.png 658x662 60kB)
>>53006623 can i have bionicles if not your a no good meanie

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