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2019-06-21 05:27 53006595 Anonymous (D3AYwP5XcAMhz-8.jpg 1067x1200 108kB)
>super qt coworker girl touched my waist for a second at work

1 min later 53006630 Anonymous
>>53006595 how do we save Brendan lads?

3 min later 53006651 Anonymous
>>53006630 >save He doesn't need to be saved anymore. If you were a true Brendanhead you'd know his alimony payments are over, he has a new capeshit show, and the JUSTing is over

17 min later 53006825 Anonymous
>>53006651 >the JUSTing is over I just dont buy it, even in recent photos theres pain behind those eyes

1 hours later 53007755 Anonymous (CIC9vEjVEAAwNnU.jpg 433x650 61kB)
>>53006825 Nah, he's alright now

1 hours later 53007801 Anonymous
>>53007755 >h-heh, I totally dont want to kill myself right now

2 hours later 53007980 Anonymous
>>53006595 I thought that was Tom Arnold at first.

2 hours later 53008207 Anonymous

2 hours later 53008257 Anonymous
>>53007755 Damn he's looking good for a 85yo.

3 hours later 53008538 Anonymous
>>53008257 pretty sure he's like 50

3 hours later 53008574 Anonymous
>>53008538 Yiiiiiiikee

3 hours later 53008596 Anonymous
>>53007755 this pic is like 5 years old. he's worse now

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