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2019-06-21 05:24 53006564 Anonymous (images.png 199x253 7kB)
I originally love you 4chan

0 min later 53006569 Anonymous
>>53006564 l love you too anthropomorphic frogboy

1 min later 53006580 Anonymous
I hate frogposters if you act cute you should post ANIME dumb frogposter

2 min later 53006597 Anonymous
>>53006580 He aint a discord posting tranny though, at least I dont think so.

4 min later 53006628 Anonymous (298-2984136_view-samegoogleiqdbsaucenao-1500564365553-apu-apustaja-fren.jpg 840x917 227kB)
>>53006580 Fuck you animefag frogs are cute espacilly Apu Apustaja and the frens

5 min later 53006638 Anonymous
>>53006580 Fuck off, you dick tucking degenerate.

23 min later 53006868 Anonymous (5faykmz6g5u11.png 746x512 101kB)
>>53006564 Love you too Fren. No homo

25 min later 53006887 Anonymous (1560577412845m.jpg 1024x633 126kB)
>>53006564 I love this place with all of my heart as well. I hope that one day in the near future I will spot a fellow r9k poster in the wild. Anyone here live in NC?

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