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2019-06-21 05:22 53006544 Anonymous (1553248938413.jpg 650x576 60kB)
Why haven't you switched to wearing panties anon? They are so much more comfortable than guy's underwear, trust me. Give it a try, you won't regret it. Plus there are lots of cute ones to choose from.

6 min later 53006617 Anonymous (Screenshot_20190121-012317.png 1080x1062 508kB)
>>53006544 It's like this anime bitch is reading my mind, how does she now about my feminization fantasies

6 min later 53006618 Anonymous
>>53006544 I do not live on my own

8 min later 53006654 Anonymous
Guys underwear have the pocket area in the crotch for your cock and balls and that means it's automatically more comfortable. Buy better underwear instead of underwear anatomically designed differently for your tranny brain to think is better.

37 min later 53006973 Anonymous (1560275672213.jpg 412x441 36kB)
>>53006544 Every time i think i might be gay i just watch prison school. Feels good to be straight man.

38 min later 53006991 Anonymous
>>53006973 if you think you might be gay, you're gay

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