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2019-06-21 05:14 53006430 Anonymous (B0BA57C9-8CBB-4197-A140-DEE2417019A1.jpg 1080x1080 137kB)
>now that I'm 18, what did you have in mind anon?

1 min later 53006449 Anonymous
>>53006430 lemme eat that cake

1 min later 53006458 Anonymous
>>53006430 Her face really bothers me. Usually I find small imperfections in a girl's face endearing and it can add to her charm but in this case she just looks like a goblin.

4 min later 53006503 Anonymous
Rebecca had lost her flare. The fire that once was, is now long gone Her cheeks have hardened. Her skin has lost it's elegant color and brightness Her vagina has been penetrated too many times by now. It is old and decrepit No longer usable for pure virgin boys such as myself. It is a dry well. An abandoned building. Eighteen is past the prime for the female. She's done. It's over for her

5 min later 53006514 Anonymous
>>53006458 She looks fine? Explain

10 min later 53006570 Anonymous
>>53006514 She looks like a mongoloid tbdesu

14 min later 53006610 Anonymous
>>53006570 She looks like a 45 year old wino. What's with these fucking girls and caking on the makeup to look 30 years older?

14 min later 53006621 Anonymous
>>53006458 It's just the lighting desu

22 min later 53006721 Anonymous
>>53006430 This woman can't possibly be 18. Her features are too harsh, her flaws too accentuated, and the background suggests mid-20's at the earliest. This is just a meme, right boys? Surely white women don't really age this fast?

22 min later 53006729 Anonymous
>>53006430 All holes.

42 min later 53006940 Anonymous
>>53006721 drugs son

43 min later 53006949 Anonymous
>>53006458 She's classically attractive.

46 min later 53006980 Anonymous
>>53006949 Get your eyes checked anon

48 min later 53007013 Anonymous (9C985405-6DF5-4B7A-91B0-08C23758A752.jpg 1080x1350 95kB)
>>53006980 Are you braindead or smth

49 min later 53007033 Anonymous
>>53007013 >>53006980 She literally looks like a Disney princess.

49 min later 53007034 Anonymous
>>53007013 Jesus, she looks like a sleep paralysis demon.

49 min later 53007039 Anonymous
>>53006458 She's cute though? You have bad taste

51 min later 53007049 Anonymous
>>53007034 Perfect description, anon

53 min later 53007075 Anonymous
>>53007034 >>53007049 Post faces incel samefag

56 min later 53007116 Anonymous
>>53007075 Why would that at all be relevant? Stop seething and think about it for a sec, reddit

57 min later 53007128 Anonymous
>>53006430 Chick looks 30.

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