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2019-06-21 05:09 53006375 Anonymous (13e281e35937c4d1.jpg 536x302 39kB)
hows your week been so far anon

0 min later 53006387 Anonymous
>>53006375 Very well, my dear watson

3 min later 53006418 Anonymous
>>53006375 surprised i haven't dropped dead from a pulmonary embolism bank stole my money writing textbroker articles to get back in the black insane sleep paralysis last night where the legless ghost of my friend (who isn't dead) stared at me from my closet

4 min later 53006429 Anonymous
Getting paid tonight. Have to go to this work thing tomorrow New schedule in a few weeks which kinda sucks but idgaf

5 min later 53006438 Anonymous (Mlaatr+has+been+getting+some+ground+swell+over+the+last+_f6a9b267e57d90b289ed825012acfa93.png 1160x1258 737kB)
>>53006418 >legless ghost of not dead friend did you try interacting with it

6 min later 53006453 Anonymous
>>53006429 relate able work inconveniences

7 min later 53006465 Anonymous (file.png 129x160 36kB)
fucking tense as fuck first time I truly fell in love with a girl first time I will go on a date with a girl what the fuck do I do? I don't fucking know, I don't even know why I did this in the first place god fucking dammit

7 min later 53006469 Anonymous
pretty gud, i found out my oneitis's fetishes and i get paid tomorrow.

8 min later 53006484 Anonymous
>>53006438 nah, it was sleep paralysis anyway and i couldn't do anything but lay there in my sarcophagus of a body while he stared at me. he also didn't have a face but i knew who it was, because earlier in the dream we were playing guitar hero over the phone and i somehow locked him out of my house in the cold night, so i figured it was him haunting me because he was disappointed

9 min later 53006506 Anonymous (1511497715720.jpg 125x125 2kB)
>>53006465 stay cool relax and just go with the flow and if you have a tendecny for dark humor tone it back a wee bit and....just go with the flow also dont expect sex right away unless it happens then..you know congrats but dont expect it just go with the flow and as corny as it is be yourself cause if shes going out with you then that must mean she has a interest in you you know good luck anon

10 min later 53006516 Anonymous
>>53006484 or maby hes upset you beat him at guitar hero

11 min later 53006528 Anonymous
>>53006506 thanks fren i don't expect sex at all, i don't even expect leaving with a girlfriend from there but i'm absolutely not relaxed

13 min later 53006548 Anonymous
>>53006516 also a possibility oregano

13 min later 53006549 Anonymous
Shit, parents are harassing me more about getting a job when I've been applying to bottom bitch shit and not getting anything.

15 min later 53006567 Anonymous
tore a leg muscle and cant bend my knee anymore. it was so painful the first night i couldnt move. hope i can walk tomorrow

16 min later 53006573 Anonymous
>>53006549 that was me 2 years ago. just stop. theres nothing out there. if you dont have years of experience + your own car then youre not getting shit

17 min later 53006585 Anonymous
>>53006418 how do i become a textbroker? i applied to a few sites but got rejected. i have 0 connections and no experience. i assume all journalists are jews who know each other

21 min later 53006659 Anonymous (1529507395595.png 639x677 316kB)
>>53006528 just dont trip and spill your spaghetti anon

22 min later 53006669 Anonymous
>>53006659 i'm absolutely going to, i can feel it

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