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2019-06-21 05:08 53006368 Anonymous (monky.png 658x778 446kB)
my period is 3 weeks late and nobody is listening to my concerns i might be pregnant because i never got jizzed inside.

0 min later 53006378 Anonymous
durp whahahahaahah so funnay

1 min later 53006390 Anonymous
>>53006368 How would one became pregnant otherwise?

2 min later 53006395 Anonymous
>>53006368 yo lets change that

2 min later 53006400 Anonymous
>>53006390 why would my period be late then? and because i did mess around with a penis and sperms can swim.

3 min later 53006413 Anonymous
>>53006368 I once didn't have my period for 2 months after moving to a new place alone and starting a harder job Stressful situations can make your body do weird things

7 min later 53006461 Anonymous (1557481025709.png 540x663 503kB)
>>53006368 Cute. I love monkeys so much bros. Bummer that chimps are assholes who rip your face off or i'd have a lil' ape bro around.

10 min later 53006507 Anonymous
>>53006368 I haven't had my period in 19 years, should I be concerned fellow r9kers?

11 min later 53006522 Anonymous
>>53006400 >i did mess around with a penis WHOOOOORE WHOOOOORE WHOOOOORE

12 min later 53006535 Anonymous
yeah men don't have periods. Just because you decided you're a "woman trapped in a mans body" three weeks ago won't change anything

14 min later 53006553 Anonymous
>>53006522 bro... my husband's penis, bro.

22 min later 53006653 Anonymous (1559187260776.png 850x680 297kB)
>>53006553 >is married >plays with husbands cock >complains no one is listening to concerns why oh why would you come on r9k no one here can relate to this situation at all, you might as well be living on mars

23 min later 53006675 Anonymous
>>53006653 Nobody thinks it's possible I can be pregnant and they are telling me not to worry and it's making me mad.

28 min later 53006733 Anonymous
>>53006675 you made a choice and now have to live with the consequences of that decision whatever they will be i guess there is always abortion shouldn't have played with his reproductive organ if you weren't prepared for this situation

30 min later 53006761 Anonymous
>>53006733 Oh obviously abortion. It's just ever having been pregnant that repulses me.

37 min later 53006841 Anonymous (3b110996.jpg 625x800 63kB)
>>53006761 >it's getting out of hand

38 min later 53006849 Anonymous
>>53006400 >sperms lel

39 min later 53006866 Anonymous
>>53006841 How the fuck am I supposed to be psychic to your sensitivity to abortion? Stuff that exists outside your comfort bubble isn't all bait you reject.

40 min later 53006883 Anonymous
damn if only there was some kind of test you could buy to see if you were pregnant or not

43 min later 53006906 Anonymous
>>53006883 i can't drive and my husband keeps telling me i can't be pregnant. he won't take me to get any more pregnancy tests because i am crazy and having a psychotic episode.

45 min later 53006922 Anonymous
>>53006866 Get pff.my board, you defective child rearing machine

47 min later 53006930 Anonymous
>>53006922 i've been here longer than all you fucking high schoolers. life moves on. you get married or get a job.

47 min later 53006937 Anonymous
>>53006400 your period is way more finnicky than health classes and professionals usually tell you stressful shit can fuck with your menstrual cycle, so can certain medications and losing weight.

51 min later 53006975 Anonymous
>>53006930 In his defense, you're a broad, so it doesn't matter at all how long you've been here.

51 min later 53006979 Anonymous
>>53006937 i have been on the same medication for like 5 years though : ( i'm afraid, i never experienced anything like this before.

53 min later 53007010 Anonymous
>>53006930 June of 2006, you bumbling, blathering, chattering cunt. Get off of my fucking board.

55 min later 53007044 Anonymous
>>53007010 r9k didn't exist in 2006 you fucking mongoloid.

1 hours later 53007109 Anonymous
>>53006866 First of all, I'm different anon. Second, the part I'm referring to was >It's just ever having been pregnant that repulses me. Which is revealing

1 hours later 53007115 Anonymous (20190619_100609.jpg 229x229 46kB)
>>53006368 so get an abortion lol

1 hours later 53007131 Anonymous
>>53006390 god fucked her

1 hours later 53007134 Anonymous
>>53007109 I just hate breeders and here I am, possibly becoming what I hate. It's chilling. >>53007115 I don't even know if I am pregnant, my family is telling me its a psychotic episode.

1 hours later 53007143 Anonymous (1472786776002.png 396x400 122kB)
>>53006368 are you vegan ma'am or have some other kind of ridiculous diet?

1 hours later 53007150 Anonymous
>>53007044 And you didn't specify whether you were talking about the board or the site in general, you brainlet bitch. I bet you've never even participated in a moot thread, you cancerous newfag harlot.

1 hours later 53007163 Anonymous (946.jpg 500x565 17kB)
>>53007150 >Get pff.my board, you defective child rearing machine fuck, the intelligence of this board is staggering. Also moot's my dad and he works for nintendo you normie slime.

1 hours later 53007184 Anonymous
>>53007163 Men can be many things, but a woman only has one useful purpose. You failed at yours, and you sure as shit shouldn't be here bitching about your relationship and your mental deficiencies. Get out, you dumb bitch!

1 hours later 53007186 Anonymous (1561085298595.png 540x616 389kB)
>>53007134 God I want to fucking cum in your womb with my peeeeen

1 hours later 53007204 Anonymous (dingding.jpg 766x690 108kB)
>>53007143 I have BED but it's not that bad rn. >>53007184 pic related is you, unable to read the 5 letter word you typed.

1 hours later 53007216 Anonymous
If this is real just order a pregnancy test off amazon, come on. Sometimes periods just skip but also you can get pregnant from pre-cum.

1 hours later 53007222 Anonymous
>>53006906 >i can't drive and my husband keeps telling me i can't be pregnant. Little does he know about the "no condoms allowed, all cum inside!" gang bang you were in last weekend.

1 hours later 53007227 Anonymous
>>53007222 yeah, I drove there with my no-car.

1 hours later 53007239 Anonymous
>>53007204 bulimia eating disorder...? you stupid bitch, nutritional deficiencies can cause you to miss your period, common with eating disorders like that or doing restrictive diets improperly mystery was solved everyone, go home

1 hours later 53007252 Anonymous (Julie-Kumari-acid-attack-India-823187.jpg 590x350 50kB)
>>53007204 Perhaps you should get a trike like in your posted picture and roll your happy dumb whore-ish ass down a Walgreens and buy a pregnancy test instead of bothering us with this shit. Fucking useless, no Diver-ID having cunt. I hope you die in a fucking car wreck.

1 hours later 53007263 Anonymous
>>53007239 binge eating disorder, pick up a fucking google. >>53007252 We don't have walgreens in my country, american piggu.

1 hours later 53007286 Anonymous
>>53007263 go be fat somewhere eIse

1 hours later 53007303 Anonymous (1560795907262.jpg 1699x1920 236kB)
>>53007263 >Pick up a fucking google >American piggu Can a single person be this stupid Also, even though this is probably bait, what country are you in, because it could legitimately make a difference

1 hours later 53007326 Anonymous
>>53007303 Canada. Still can't drive and live on a shitty farm. Having a kid would ruin my life and any self esteem I had left. Pretty much my whole identity revolves around antinatalism and i am mentally ill and have horrible visions about hurting kids and I don't want to go to jail, I'm a never nude and they make you strip search.

1 hours later 53007355 Anonymous (e9d.jpg 600x600 18kB)
>>53007326 After reading through the thread, I'm gonna agree with your family and say that your having a psychotic episode

1 hours later 53007366 Anonymous
>>53007355 fuck off, my problems aren't bait

1 hours later 53007368 Anonymous
>>53006400 >i did mess around with a penis and sperms can swim I notice you never explained what exactly it is that you did. Your husband came inside you? Near your pussy?

1 hours later 53007397 Anonymous
>>53007368 ah..... no no so basically we have sex once a year and this year wasn't planned and we kind of hugged to close and he sorta went inside but didn't cum i didn't think anything of it but my periods late.

1 hours later 53007432 Anonymous
>>53007397 >he sorta went inside but didn't cum >but didn't cum DIDNT CUM

1 hours later 53007438 Anonymous
>>53007432 No, I told you there was no cum I thought. but what about precum?

1 hours later 53007478 Anonymous (3.jpg 622x626 36kB)
>>53007134 >I just hate breeders

1 hours later 53007480 Anonymous
>Lives on a farm >Married but only has sex once a year I'd be depressed too if I was OP Also yes, precum could potentially get you pregnant but you'd have to be pretty into whatever you were doing before for any precum to be there in the first place

1 hours later 53007491 Anonymous
>>53007397 >we have sex once a year this is a troll

1 hours later 53007496 Anonymous
>>53007438 Was there precum? How far inside did your husband go in?

1 hours later 53007517 Anonymous
>>53007478 SHUT UP BITCH >>53007480 i liked my life up to this problem, i like living on a farm. i like not having sex. also is precum not just the natural lubricant a dick makes? i wasn't wet so he must have been. >>53007496 i don't know, and almost all the way.

1 hours later 53007530 Anonymous
Your husband is definitely having sex with someone else in between your yearly consummations

1 hours later 53007545 Anonymous
>>53007517 >also is precum not just the natural lubricant a dick makes? i wasn't wet so he must have been. Fucking hell, you know nothing. https://americanpregnancy.org/getti ng-pregnant/can-you-get-pregnant-wi th-precum/

1 hours later 53007546 Anonymous
>>53007530 no he's not, he's a good man.

1 hours later 53007553 Anonymous
>>53007546 If your wife only fucks you once a year then there's nothing immoral about having sex with someone else

1 hours later 53007562 Anonymous
>>53007553 leave me alone, he doesn;t have sex with other people and he doesnt want to have sex more than once a year

1 hours later 53007568 Anonymous
>>53007562 >he doesnt want to have sex more than once a year Bullshit. If he said that to you then he's lying

1 hours later 53007570 Anonymous
>>53007553 This And if he does only fuck her once a year, even if hes banging somebody else, you know this dude is probably leaking a shit ton

1 hours later 53007580 Anonymous
>>53007570 *leaking a shit ton of precum

1 hours later 53007591 Anonymous
>>53007517 You can only get pregnant from precum if he had cum previously, recently, but hadn't yet pissed. However it's already a low chance to get pregnant from precum even if the guy had cum previously, and he would have had to have done it also around when or leading up to when you were ovulating. My question is though, how the fuck do you just "sort of hug" one another, but he gets his dick almost all the way inside you? You said at first you didn't do much together but now he's full on penetrating you? Describe what actually happened in full you dumbass.

1 hours later 53007594 Anonymous
>>53006368 Maybe you have a shit diet. Are you vegan? It can cause this to happen.

1 hours later 53007599 Anonymous (1542415932234.png 413x549 93kB)
>>53006368 where was the penis and cum? More than just being pregnant can delay your period, including stress and other emotional shit. Take a test once you can and tell your husband he is having a baby if he keeps being a retard. give him a heart attack. Post your tits then go google 'why is my period late' and gtfo

1 hours later 53007603 Anonymous
>>53007562 Hahahahahahahahahha You think that you're worth his time? How often does he go out to work? How often do you keep track of his time out? You think a man who has property, is attractive, and still young wants to deal with your schizoid ass all the time? You don't even want to have children! What use are you to him, except a fucking drain on his money and time? You useless fucking shit

1 hours later 53007606 Anonymous
>>53007568 This No matter what he says, there is absolutely no way he believes this. Maybe he only has sex with YOU once a year but there's just no way any man could be this cucked

1 hours later 53007629 Anonymous
>>53007603 The only possible value I can see that OP has to her husband is as a maid/cook if she even does cook/clean, which seems doubtful at this point

1 hours later 53007642 Anonymous
I just thought of something. Maybe OP's husband is gay and in the closet. That's the only way I can explain it. How broken would a man have to be to marry someone who doesn't want children and only has sex once a year? What a worthless wife.

1 hours later 53007665 Anonymous (1544976965511.jpg 500x360 154kB)
>>53007642 This is actually seeming to look like the most plausible option

2 hours later 53007685 Anonymous
>>53007591 like spooning and he had an erection and i let it go inside. >>53007603 I don't keep track of his time out, it's not my business even. >>53007603 >>53007642 >>53007629 I already know i am mentally ill and useless, if i was healthy why would i waste my time here? i would have a well paying job and probably a social life and a drivers license.

2 hours later 53007696 Anonymous
>>53007685 Were you sexually assaulted/raped when you were younger? If not, why won't you fuck your husband? That's the whole point of marriage.

2 hours later 53007702 Anonymous
>>53006906 > husband won't take me to get any more tests >any more >any more meaning you have had multiple already So what did all of the tests say?

2 hours later 53007718 Anonymous (1551697613918.png 1920x1080 2004kB)
>>53007685 But do you at least cook or clean or do anything for your husband OP, or do you literally just lay there like a slug?

2 hours later 53007725 Anonymous
>>53007696 Marriage was made by Jesus to allow people to live together and although having sex is part of marriage it was mainly to allow people to bond their relationship forever

2 hours later 53007742 Anonymous
>>53007725 >allow people to bond their relationship forever The only reason to do this is to have children.

2 hours later 53007757 Anonymous
>>53007725 You're quickly losing what little credibility you have OP. The only way to redeem yourself at all is to post tits or you're a confirmed troll

2 hours later 53007767 Anonymous
>>53007685 Christ, detail you dumb shit. How long was it in for? Did he say he came or anything, or felt so? Was his dick leaking after? Were you ovulating or near to it? Had he cum recently before that without pissing?

2 hours later 53007769 Anonymous
How could a woman respect a man who's willing to only have sex once a year?

2 hours later 53007775 Anonymous
>>53007742 Bumpin for quads

2 hours later 53007790 Anonymous
Quaaaaaaaaddddssssss FuckfuckfuckOrignialioijkbesvjhbs

2 hours later 53007800 Anonymous
>>53007775 FUCK I was so close and now I keep getting muted because my comment wasn't original fuck this board I s2g

2 hours later 53007817 Anonymous
>>53007800 ahahahahhahahaa get fucked >>53007777

2 hours later 53007858 Anonymous
How long has it been since since your last binge eating episode OP

2 hours later 53007881 Anonymous
>>53007696 yes also no it's not, it's love. >>53007718 i cook and clean and have a job >>53007702 we have had "scares" before >>53007767 I don't know any of that stuff. all i know is he didn't cum and i dont know the last time he did cum.

2 hours later 53007917 Anonymous
>>53007881 You don't know how long his dick was in you for, and you don't know what your cycle was? Yeah, this is a larp.

2 hours later 53007920 Anonymous
>>53007881 Does you husband smoke or drink? Considering cucked he is, dude probably jacks off almost every day, considering you said this was all unpanned

2 hours later 53007928 Anonymous
>>53007881 >we have had "scares" before you mean your psychotic episodes? because this seems like another one. you're straight up telling us he didn't cum and yet you're still thinking you're pregnant

2 hours later 53007957 Anonymous
>>53007920 Yeah he smokes. >>53007917 ok i don't know, 30 seconds? I'm totally serious. >>53007928 in sex ed we learned ANY dick contact can make your pregnant.

2 hours later 53007970 Anonymous
>>53007928 oh my lord is /r9k/ really this uneducated, the penis releases small amounts of sperm once the guy is sufficiently aroused, it's called precum OP is almost definitely pregnant

2 hours later 53007987 Anonymous
>>53007970 Precum isn't sperm. The only time it contains sperm is if it picked up sperm from a previous ejaculation

2 hours later 53007995 Anonymous
>>53007987 I can't believe I have to google this for you, literally everyone learns it in 5th grade health class https://www.healthline.com/health/h ealthy-sex/can-you-get-pregnant-fro m-precum#does-pre--cum-have-sperm?

2 hours later 53008006 Anonymous
>>53007881 >no it's not, it's love. The only purpose of love is to spur the creation of children i.e. sex. Marriage is to enable a stable environment in which to procreate. You should seek therapy to allow yourself to overcome your hangups over sex otherwise your husband will never be fulfilled as long as he's with you.

2 hours later 53008007 Anonymous
>>53007987 Again though, this guy is probably masturbating fairly often so it could have even been same day since this incident wasn't planned

2 hours later 53008010 Anonymous
>>53007995 That link literally says exactly the same thing as the post you quoted

2 hours later 53008015 Anonymous
>>53007957 This is retarded, you first said you don't do much with him, then you said you hugged and it accidentally went inside, and now you're saying he was almost balls deep for a full half a minute? Why should we take any of this seriously if you keep changing your story?

2 hours later 53008021 Anonymous (pro-life-word-art-GoodSalt-kacas0679.jpg 600x600 78kB)
Have fun being a mommy OP, what are you gonna name the baby Unless of course you abort, which wouldn't be very chrisitian of you. Rememember, Jesus knows! :)

2 hours later 53008038 Anonymous
>>53008021 I'm not a christian and I will abort it obviously. I can't have kids.

2 hours later 53008058 Anonymous (1545366073782.jpg 259x194 14kB)
>>53008038 >Marriage was created by Jesus >I'm not a Christian If you're not christian, then are you retarded?

2 hours later 53008066 Anonymous
>>53007995 >Pre-cum doesn't actually contain any sperm. But it's possible for sperm to leak into pre-cum. Did you even read the link you posted dumbass?

2 hours later 53008073 Anonymous
>>53008058 A different person said that. I'm not a christian, It's unsafe for me to have a baby but i am still afraid, i have never even gone to a gyno before.

2 hours later 53008081 Anonymous
>>53008073 When you do, get them to give you a contraceptive implant and start fucking your husband at least once a week.

2 hours later 53008107 Anonymous
>>53008073 >It's unsafe for me to have a child What are you like 15, because that would explain A LOT >>53008081 Also this 100%, I feel legitimately bad for your husband

2 hours later 53008130 Anonymous
>>53008107 no i'm homicidal. >>53008081 he doesn't want to.

2 hours later 53008134 Anonymous
>>53006675 you're married, why would you be worried if you are pregnant, be happy if you are

2 hours later 53008168 Anonymous
>>53008130 >he doesn't want to. If that's true then either a: he's gay or b: you're ugly But more likely is that he only says he doesn't to keep you happy when in reality he's deeply unsatisfied

2 hours later 53008200 Anonymous
>>53008134 I do not want a baby or a child. it's against my core moral code. >>53008168 i'm ugly.

2 hours later 53008211 Anonymous (1545590288978.gif 357x270 364kB)
>>53008168 This, there's really no other realistic possibilities. I myself am leaning towards the gay possibility; maybe he only married you to get his family to stop bothering him about getting married, etc.

2 hours later 53008218 Anonymous
>>53008200 Post tits then to prove it

3 hours later 53008268 Anonymous
>>53008168 > >53008211 The only issue I have with this is that he actually got an erection while spooning her and stuck it in

3 hours later 53008565 Anonymous
>>53007366 nice bait schitzie make sure you don't spend the next week stewing over this comment LMAO

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