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2019-06-21 05:07 53006355 Anonymous (CFCF614D242E40099BD21D8CD706B007.jpg 750x990 517kB)
Why do black folk always seem to be working several jobs at once?

20 min later 53006611 Anonymous
>>53006355 Black folk are originally natural entrepreneurs. Also don't believe the official history. Some of the slave-owners were black and black folk today are their descendants.

28 min later 53006722 Anonymous
>>53006355 Have you ever heard the song "I Don't Get Tired" by Kevin Gates? Black people tend to fall on either extreme of the work spectrum. Either they're lazy shiftless bums who can't be fucked to get out of bed before 1 pm or they fucking hoard jobs and brag about how little sleep they get. I think some of them just work multiple minimum wage part time jobs so that they can brag about how many jobs they have.

59 min later 53007074 Anonymous
>>53006355 >black people >working pick one

1 hours later 53007113 Anonymous
>>53006355 >slinging rocks >gunbusting hoes >pimpin' >thievin' >BLACKED actor for mister Shekelberg I wonder which job he is gonna quit.

1 hours later 53007137 Anonymous
>>53006355 They're bad at their minimum wage jobs so their managers are hesitant to let them work large hours.

1 hours later 53007171 Anonymous
Most american black people come from a culture where poverty is simply endemic. To remain poor all you have to do is be lazy and you will fit in with your friends and family. Meanwhile, it takes frantic ambition and, sadly, a rejection of the influences you grew up around to become middle class. Because people in these settings don't have easily accessible career resources, they may end up working several menial jobs rather than one or two more lucrative jobs.

1 hours later 53007176 Anonymous
>>53006355 Seems like working multiple jobs is more reflective of wealth rather than race.

1 hours later 53007185 Anonymous (8ef.jpg 553x827 54kB)
>>53006355 Yo whats up with his head

1 hours later 53007210 Anonymous
>>53007074 Are you an npc or just retarded

1 hours later 53007224 Anonymous
>>53006355 cos they steal and keep changing jobs

1 hours later 53007243 Anonymous
>>53006355 >dealing >pimping >rapping >basketballing

1 hours later 53007250 Anonymous
>black people bragging about grinding >working 3 part time jobs near minimum wage never understood this

1 hours later 53007277 Anonymous
>>53007250 It's not just black people. I feel bad for those brainwashed enough by capitalism that they think "grinding" is something to be proud of.

1 hours later 53007288 Anonymous
https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/26/ business/against-hustle-culture-ris e-and-grind-tgim.html Welcome to hustle culture. It is obsessed with striving, relentlessly positive, devoid of humor, and once you notice it impossible to escape.

1 hours later 53007307 Anonymous
>>53007250 It's less retarded than white people thinking that blacks are lazy, while being a neet

1 hours later 53007316 Anonymous
they lie on the tv news >phoneisha cauldwell-macdonald, dentist >jamarius brown, financial services adviser >quintina jones, computer worker

1 hours later 53007323 Anonymous
>everyone in this thread calling niggers stupid not realizing OP posted a fucking satire article lel

1 hours later 53007388 Anonymous (gizmo-1024.jpg 1024x768 176kB)
>>53007323 What if everyone replying was a nigger?

1 hours later 53007413 Anonymous
>>53007323 retarded redditor, op's observation isn't about the pic

1 hours later 53007529 Anonymous
>>53006355 Education barriers >>53007074 The economy of the south US was literally built on their work.

2 hours later 53008033 Anonymous
>>53006355 What the fuck possessed you to come up with such a stupid fucking question?

2 hours later 53008040 Anonymous
>>53006355 They are harder workers, objectively speaking

2 hours later 53008088 Anonymous (09d.jpg 400x400 16kB)
>>53008040 >black people >harder workers Every black person in my job is objectively the laziest. In fact we use the word "lazy" as code for African American

2 hours later 53008171 Anonymous
>all the triggered niggereds in this thread

2 hours later 53008183 Anonymous
>>53008088 how many jobs do you have? and be honest

2 hours later 53008225 Anonymous
Damn I guess Hitler was right, thanks OP

3 hours later 53008227 Anonymous (1555227665056.jpg 332x351 26kB)
>>53008183 One job. There are 3 blacks, down from 5. (1 got fired for tardiness, the other got fired for being lazy) I bet you think I'm joking but I'm not.

3 hours later 53008249 Anonymous
>>53008227 Actually make that 6. I forgot we fired one for cutting corners.

3 hours later 53008267 Anonymous
Anyone working more than one job needs to just get a better job. Its the ultimate bluepill if you're a cleaner, a mcdonalds worker and a delivery driver, just go for a career in plumbing and you can have your own business in 10 years.

3 hours later 53008542 Anonymous
>>53007529 Slavery contributed very little in the grand scheme of things. Slaves lived better lives than white poors, anyway. Go away, Schlomo.

5 hours later 53009344 Anonymous
>>53007529 >The economy of the south US was literally built on their work. that only worked with proper managers, anon

8 hours later 53010655 Anonymous
>>53006355 Because they live in the usa where full time well paying jobs either require a college degree or are unionized. Unions tend to be racist and usually are full of nepotism. Its common to have mist members of a union being blood relatives.

9 hours later 53011137 Anonymous
>>53007529 >The economy of the south US was literally built on their work Oh yeah. Nevermind the white miners and factory workers who powered the industrial revolution. Who were also treated like subhumans.

11 hours later 53012424 Anonymous
>>53008542 >people in chattel slavery lived better than white poors Read a book

11 hours later 53012442 Anonymous
>>53006355 gig economy

11 hours later 53012447 Anonymous
>>53006355 blacks are lazy pieces of shit in general. I worked with blacks before so I know how they are. this guy was the exception to the rule.

11 hours later 53012748 Anonymous
>>53006722 >Either they're lazy shiftless bums who can't be fucked to get out of bed before 1 pm A lot of blacks have nightshift jobs. I noticed once I moved into a black neighborhood a bunch of guys in blue collar uniforms got home at dawn.

11 hours later 53012782 Anonymous (1560674441668.png 483x321 7kB)
>>53006355 lol, most black people have never had a job in their lives.

12 hours later 53013132 Anonymous
>>53006355 When I went to the State Fair all the employees were black. I would suggest that blacks may be the type that are always working special events so they have other shitty jobs in the meanwhile that they work like ten hours a week

13 hours later 53013261 Anonymous
>>53007529 Plantation equipment is responsible for the economy of the South?

13 hours later 53013271 Rugga (1545046128325m.jpg 670x1024 111kB)
>Black man has a job >Calls us lazy for not getting something better >Black man doesn't have a job >Calls us lazy for not having one at all Us black men cannot win no matter WHAT we do. That's why we should not give a shit about anybody who dislikes us.

13 hours later 53013518 Anonymous
Black people have multiple jobs because they're lazy and leech off of government money. They're in a quantum state of stealing our jobs and not having one and stealing from the government

14 hours later 53014250 Anonymous (46434237_297890587729463_6008699697105993728_n.jpg 901x568 35kB)
>>53013271 back to picking coton nigger boy

14 hours later 53014343 Anonymous (lewd.jpg 1920x1080 255kB)
>>53006355 They treat jobs just like they treat women. Dawg's a player. He got so much game they be payin' him for just a small slice!

14 hours later 53014379 Anonymous
>>53013271 Shut the fuck up you little dick nigger.

14 hours later 53014402 Anonymous
>>53014379 >little dick nigger. That Freudian slip revealed your shame just like the end of my black dick out of my knee-length shorts!

14 hours later 53014561 Anonymous
>>53006355 Any nigger can get any job due to affirmative action. Graduating HS sets a nigger ahead of any whitey post graduate.

14 hours later 53014581 Anonymous
>>53012424 There are actually books that claim this From "they were white and they were slaves" there were various parts where black slaves would sing >better to be a nigger than a poor white man Poor whites were used for dangerous jobs. Slave owners didnt want to damage their equipment!

15 hours later 53014665 Anonymous
>>53006355 You white niggas underpay our ass and it's not a choice if we want to fucking live

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