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2019-06-21 05:03 53006309 Anonymous (ashley-anderson-porn-7.jpg 1024x682 102kB)
if femanons had the looks to do porn would you do it? what kind of porn would you do (any, you can just do lesbo porn or solo porn if you want). i promise i will not call you a slut im just curious

1 min later 53006323 Anonymous
girl buttholes are so ridiculously placed. its like god got so rushed her had to slap it all together like a handful of dice then of course the pussy and anus are right next to eachother "oops"

2 min later 53006330 Anonymous
>>53006309 you dont even have to be good looking to do porn as a girl

2 min later 53006332 Anonymous
Never. It's inherently degrading and objectifying in my opinion.

3 min later 53006344 Anonymous
>>53006332 as if women aren't objects to be pursued and won by dominant males they love that shit idiot

4 min later 53006350 Anonymous
>>53006309 Ruin my life forever for money i'll probably never spend? No.

5 min later 53006370 Anonymous
>>53006344 If you say so buddy. I'd disagree but whatever.

6 min later 53006381 Anonymous
>>53006330 well, yea, but most of the ones that make decent money are almost always at least a 7/10

6 min later 53006385 Anonymous
>>53006309 BDSM abuse porn

7 min later 53006396 Anonymous
>>53006385 i'm convinced bdsm porn has a larger female audience than male audience.

11 min later 53006444 Anonymous
>>53006350 you can also wear a mask

13 min later 53006481 Anonymous
What if it wasn't true porn, just fetish-y videos? Like stepping on people with your naked feet.

14 min later 53006489 Anonymous
>>53006481 i guess that counts, yes you can do weird fetish stuff like that.

15 min later 53006504 Anonymous
>>53006396 Depends, femdom is 100% male, but water torture and electric torture is almost all female

23 min later 53006594 Anonymous
Stupid thread there's no such thing as "the looks to do porn"

26 min later 53006632 Anonymous
>>53006594 lol please, there's a certain look to most girls in porn. just because some snaggletooth 400lbs fat ass does porn does not mean she's the typical porn girl.

27 min later 53006655 Anonymous
>>53006309 fuck no if you're pretty enough to be a porn star, you can make a lot more money as a high-end waitress or sugarbaby

29 min later 53006671 Anonymous
CFNM femdom (no sex)

29 min later 53006676 Anonymous
>>53006655 you dont have to "be pretty enough to be a porn star"

31 min later 53006707 Anonymous
>>53006671 Can I be in it? What kind of things would you do

31 min later 53006708 Anonymous
>>53006676 im guessing you watch weird fetish porn or something, because if you watched normal porn you'd know the girls are almost always above average looking.

32 min later 53006715 Anonymous
>>53006707 >Can I be in it? non neckbeards men only

32 min later 53006720 Anonymous (1509305959256.jpg 456x810 53kB)
Prostitution is one things... camming is another things but doing both at the same time pushes the boundaries a little more than usual. I wouldn't do any of them unless i was very desperate, but porn would certainly be the last resort. You can probably make more just being a high class escort without it being filmed and spread everywhere

32 min later 53006723 Anonymous
>>53006715 I have no neck beard. When do we start?

35 min later 53006760 Anonymous
>>53006723 non manchildren only hun

36 min later 53006776 Anonymous
>>53006760 But of course I am not a man child either

37 min later 53006781 Anonymous
>>53006776 non sperg autists only

37 min later 53006783 Anonymous
>>53006720 i think the girls in porn are mostly girls that wanted to be an actress and they wanted to be famous, but they couldn't get any work because they suck at acting and they don't have a distinctive look about them, they're just kind of a generic hot girl kind of look.

39 min later 53006798 Anonymous
Tfw im male and i would do porn as well i would be the submissive boy getting assfucked by multiple huge big black cocks sounds pretty fun

39 min later 53006801 Anonymous
>>53006723 that wasn't me but personally I have enjoyed stepping on dudes' dicks, tying them up with twine, tiger balm, nipple clamps, spitting, using a hitachi on others, and 'forced' self-degrading talk or anal masturbation. Honestly if I had to video it and somebody I know watched it I wouldn't even care, because to call me on it or tell other people they'd need to admit they watched it.

40 min later 53006823 Anonymous
>>53006801 >they'd need to admit they watched it you smug sly bitch

41 min later 53006828 Anonymous
>>53006801 You have? That's interesting, I always thought that girls just did that to appeal to men's fetishes. What do you find enjoyable about it?

42 min later 53006840 Anonymous
>>53006801 Please please please do this to me

43 min later 53006846 Anonymous (1531030589329.jpg 844x1080 277kB)
>>53006783 Would make some sense, I can see that being the case if you had any desire for attention or fame or whatever, but for a girl that doesn't porn is not appealing at all because of societal stuff probably, would much rather do it in private.

43 min later 53006848 Anonymous
>>53006798 >Tfw im male and no one cares buddy

43 min later 53006856 Anonymous
no i don't think i would. i wouldn't wanna take the easy way out kek

45 min later 53006877 Anonymous
>>53006846 so youd be ok being a high class escort?

45 min later 53006881 Anonymous
whats that top hole, is that her poop

1 hours later 53007094 Anonymous
>>53006828 It's the reactions that are hot. Plus the feeling of being able to do whatever I feel like with a guy's body even if it's painful. Pretty generic sadism. Also, getting sex and getting yourself off are very different feelings, sometimes I just want a little mutual masturbation with a kick to it.

1 hours later 53007214 Anonymous
>>53007094 >the feeling of being able to do whatever I feel like with a guy's body even if it's painful hot... is that the extent of things that you like to do? how far would you go?

1 hours later 53007272 Anonymous
>>53007214 Farthest IRL: fisting (have slim wrists), hypodermic needle play, once I tied up a guy and rubbed meat on his dick so his dog would lick it I don't have many limits beyond things that might actually kill or permanently harm somebody. I'm not the one taking the risk.

1 hours later 53007278 Anonymous (1499668340351.jpg 576x768 117kB)
>>53006877 not okay with it, it'd be a last resort if i really needed money and i couldn't get a decent job, like if i or someone i loved had extensive debt or medical bills or something.

1 hours later 53007309 Anonymous
>>53007272 damn how do you even get into these kind of situations lol

1 hours later 53007405 Anonymous
>>53007309 Mostly Fetlife.

2 hours later 53008043 Anonymous
>>53006323 Because it would make total evolutionary sense is either the asshole or the pussy was behind the knee or under the armpit. Idiot.

2 hours later 53008139 Anonymous
>>53006309 I would do solo porn and always do just anal.

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