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2019-06-21 05:02 53006297 Anonymous (lmaoo.jpg 960x731 182kB)
Hella fellas. Lets step back from our miserable self loathing and share some oldschool (pre 90's) live band experiences that you wish you coulda seen. I'll start: The ramones, 1977, London https://youtu.be/Sp3zaeOyL7Q

2 min later 53006318 Anonymous
I'll share another Stone roses, Blackpool Uk, 1989 https://youtu.be/pNfHoPIxhXM

4 min later 53006342 Anonymous
The smiths, 1983 https://youtu.be/24G8hnCfyGM

5 min later 53006358 Anonymous
>>53006297 any performance of alois haba's music.

7 min later 53006389 Anonymous
>live music obnoxious normalfag shit

9 min later 53006406 Anonymous
The cure, 1979 (Robert smith was 20 at this point. He coordinates most of the instruments of the band. Guitar, drums, lyrics, etc.) https://youtu.be/Sp3zaeOyL7Q

10 min later 53006420 Anonymous
>>53006389 >detesting anything that doesnt involve being a loser Obnoxious conceded shit.

11 min later 53006432 Anonymous
https://youtu.be/zJQRfhYEMqk ** Shared the ramones link again

14 min later 53006482 Anonymous
https://youtu.be/lHOmyk5cuEc The pixies, 1989, Glastonbury, UK

15 min later 53006498 Anonymous
>>53006482 At 33:10 is the ultimate doomer song. Where is my mind...?

18 min later 53006526 Anonymous
>>53006420 music is literally just mental wallpaper, background noise. and being interested in the people who play it is a bit like being interested in the lives and backgrounds of the guy who makes your burger at mcdonalds. It is the epitome of pointless shit.

20 min later 53006554 Anonymous
>>53006526 This is true words of someone that is either A. Severely depressed B. Autistic Either way, not anything to commend. Music and rituals is engrained in human DNA. We've been doing it since we could communicate.

25 min later 53006602 Anonymous
>>53006554 >A. Severely depressed >B. Autistic if you aren't at least one of those things, you don't belong on this board anyway

33 min later 53006711 Anonymous (okok.jpg 800x450 47kB)
>>53006602 listen to some music fella you might mellow out

38 min later 53006779 Anonymous
Plenty of bands I would've loved to see live in the 90s though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rY1 ZwubOOm0

1 hours later 53007052 Anonymous (s-l400.jpg 400x400 55kB)
King Crimson, Hyde Park, 1969

2 hours later 53007836 Anonymous
>>53006297 Probably Cream or Pink Floyd Live at Pine Street by Nirvana would be great to witness but that was in 1990

2 hours later 53007904 Anonymous (1477306423995.jpg 991x683 77kB)
>>53006711 good to see another cozy normster here for the fun of it. these grumps and edgelords can get a little tiring, you know?

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