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2019-06-21 04:58 53006253 Anonymous (e7863324599086562.png 995x803 450kB)
Im sad because I dont have a boyfriend to cling to and smooch

0 min later 53006263 Anonymous
>>53006253 sorry OP, i'm just not interested in guys or girls (male)

11 min later 53006377 Anonymous
>>53006253 Assuming you're a girl You're a girl, it can't be that hard to go out and find a guy who's into you Assuming you're a guy That sounds kinda gay

12 min later 53006391 Anonymous (1533856066466.jpg 2048x1546 649kB)
>>53006253 Im fucking you rn.

12 min later 53006397 Anonymous
actually your thread should have read "im just a person shitposting on the line, and nobody is stopping me yet"

14 min later 53006414 Anonymous
Well you better get used to it because chances are you'll die alone.

18 min later 53006475 Anonymous (20190619_100609.jpg 229x229 46kB)
>>53006253 then get one lol

32 min later 53006658 Anonymous
>>53006253 just go on discord servers and ask dudes to vc, most of the time all the loser neets stay out of vc and the chads live there

1 hours later 53007479 Anonymous
>>53006253 Perhaps you should stop being trans.

2 hours later 53007619 Anonymous

2 hours later 53007653 Anonymous
>>53006253 Did you literally just post this so incels will run around saying they will date you? These threads truly baffle me.

2 hours later 53008041 Anonymous
>>53006253 go to tranny servers there are enough chasers

2 hours later 53008051 Anonymous
>>53006377 Not OP, but gril who feels similarly I'm immensely too affectionate and clingy. Even guys who have said they're into that have been offput by my constant need to be in physical contact when together.

2 hours later 53008070 Anonymous
>>53006253 must suck being an ugly faggot lmao lmao

2 hours later 53008074 Anonymous
>>53008051 I could go for a cuddle.

2 hours later 53008083 Anonymous
>>53008051 Can you cling to a guy while he plays Runescape, or do you need constant attention along with the affection?

2 hours later 53008100 Anonymous
>>53008074 Okay but could you go for constant physical contact for anywhere up to 8 hours at a time? >>53008083 I don't necessarily need constant attention but too much time without it and I'll get mopey and jealous.

2 hours later 53008103 Anonymous
>>53007653 This is the only way of them getting attention. Either good genetics and attention is all that is needed to pleasure a girl. Good genes is supplied by Chad through dick and attention is earned by faggot orbiters that will give if promised a ((relationship)).

3 hours later 53008180 Anonymous
>>53008100 I have a fantasy about keeping a girl under my desk all day long, would that work?

3 hours later 53008209 Anonymous
>>53008180 I don't want to be fetish fuel, anon.

3 hours later 53008223 Anonymous
>>53008209 It would be comfy down there, I could even pat your head every once in a while

3 hours later 53008244 Anonymous
>>53008209 My fetish is much simpler I like to pull girls shirts up so I can see the boobies, then i hold the arms over the head while my big penis do the fug

3 hours later 53008253 Anonymous
>>53008209 what's the point of asking on an anonymous board? genuinely curious. a lot of people like clingy women because of a lack of confidence.

3 hours later 53008264 Anonymous
>>53008051 post them feet, roastie

3 hours later 53008273 Anonymous
>>53008253 I think a lot of people think they'd like a clingy woman until they actually experience one.

3 hours later 53008276 Anonymous
>>53006253 Try grindr, tranny.

3 hours later 53008283 Anonymous
>>53008100 >too much time without it and I'll get mopey and jealous Then I'd just have to spend a bit of time each day giving you some attention. No problem. >8 hours at a time Keeping in mind I have to go to work, that might not be possible unless some of that time is while we're sleeping. I'd love to have someone to cuddle every time I go to sleep.

3 hours later 53008295 Anonymous
>>53008100 Best way to handle needy women is with regular spankings lmao

3 hours later 53008308 Anonymous
>>53008273 i mean, i guess thats understandable? Ive done the whole clingy partner thing with my ex and she was actually super non clingy in person. hence the break up dumpsterfire#4150 on discord if youd like to chat.

5 hours later 53009395 Anonymous
go away tranny origig

5 hours later 53009406 Anonymous
I just want someone to love me back at this point i'll take anyone from all walks of life, any size

5 hours later 53009428 Anonymous
>>53008051 >>53008100 Fix yourself immediately

8 hours later 53010807 Anonymous
>>53006253 Are you a girl(female) or a girl(male)? oriigigi

10 hours later 53011500 Anonymous
>>53008273 You can lie on my lap. I'll put my keyboard on your back and we'll only have to separate for toilet breaks.

10 hours later 53011606 Anonymous
>>53009406 Im pretty sure thats a lie.

10 hours later 53011786 Anonymous
>>53008273 I had a clingy woman before, it was bearable, now be my gf

12 hours later 53012763 Anonymous
>>53006253 Please be my gf, you can cling to me and smooch at the time of your choosing

12 hours later 53012787 Anonymous (1526683370450.jpg 1920x1730 333kB)
>>53011606 Find out then I only speak the truth

12 hours later 53012792 Anonymous
>>53006658 This is unironicly true. The "chad nerds with personality" hang out in voicechat, because they are confident in being able to express their opinion. If someone is always in textchat and never in voice chat, they are sadly a bad pick.

12 hours later 53012812 Anonymous
>>53011606 Why do you think I would lie about something like that anon, im kinda hurt

12 hours later 53012988 Anonymous
>>53012787 >>53012812 so you would date girls, boys, ugly, fat, hairy or dumb people?

13 hours later 53013053 Anonymous
>>53008051 Do you make these posts just to tease us. Its not very nice.

13 hours later 53013119 Anonymous
>>53012787 alright then, I love you. whats the truth?

13 hours later 53013427 Anonymous
>>53013119 >>53012988 That I would love anyone. Also I try not to get strung up on looks but even ugly girls want chad reeeeeee

13 hours later 53013442 Anonymous
>>53013427 what about guys? would u love them?

13 hours later 53013496 Anonymous
>>53013442 That depends on a slew of things I could see it happening but even then most guys are fucking horny monsters. If a relationship revolves around sex you're getting hustled

13 hours later 53013511 Anonymous
Tfw no boyfriend to cuddle and fall asleep with

13 hours later 53013547 Anonymous
>>53013496 Im not that into sex I think. But you really would date anyone?

13 hours later 53013593 Anonymous (1533311079111.jpg 225x225 8kB)
>>53013547 Didnt I answer this like 3 times already

13 hours later 53013612 Anonymous
>>53013593 its extremly hard to grasp for me, absolutley no requirements? strange. so even I could date you.

13 hours later 53013637 Anonymous (1560327394442.jpg 600x401 25kB)
>>53006253 Idk why but these kind of threads just give me the tingles down my spine. It makes me fantasize how there is a woman out there who legit likes me and deep down wishes that she could reach to me somehow. She goes here and maybe deducts successfully that her crush goes here often and uses this as at least someway to vent her feelings fo me. It's a nice fantasy. I know better otherwise but it is a nice thought to get lost in sometimes...it passes the time.

13 hours later 53013660 Anonymous
>>53013612 If someone loves me I would do whatever I can to reciprocate, anyway im going into work so it might end here for now

13 hours later 53013684 Anonymous
>>53013660 too bad, if you leave a form of contact i will contact you anon

14 hours later 53013726 Anonymous
>>5301368 berry#1696

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