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2019-06-21 04:57 53006240 Anonymous (22b60641cc9f8c1ac52af95a25c42fcf.jpg 1280x1166 149kB)
Who else here wants to marry an asian woman to own the libs?

3 min later 53006279 Anonymous (1552240815870.jpg 640x480 55kB)
>>53006240 i dont understand how that "owns the libs"

3 min later 53006283 Anonymous (1559079250160.jpg 497x750 40kB)
I want one because they're hot, age well, and generally make good mothers but stay mad incel

5 min later 53006303 Anonymous
Why does eastern porn take fetish trends so seriously yet with western porn you're stuck with nothing but ironic fetish bullshit?

1 hours later 53007201 Anonymous
>>53006240 yes but she cant be an asian born in the west. Asians born in western countries are just like every other basic white girl

1 hours later 53007215 Anonymous
>>53006240 *marries a liberal asian woman and spontaneously combusts*

1 hours later 53007236 Anonymous
>>53006303 (((Obscenity laws))). Thank the (((British))) and their (((morality))) for them.

1 hours later 53007374 Anonymous
>>53007236 ah yes those who regulate pornography are kikes! fuck the jews trying to stop me from watching degenerate totally aryan porn!

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