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2019-06-21 04:55 53006208 Anonymous (eighteen.png 889x537 775kB)
>he thinks that cute modest looking 18 year old freshman is a virgin oh nonononononono

0 min later 53006218 Anonymous
>>53006208 >>he thinks that cute modest looking 18 year old freshman is a virgin source.doc

2 min later 53006237 Anonymous
It's 2019, you've got 12 year olds on Facebook wondering how anyone over the age of 16 is a virgin.

7 min later 53006304 Anonymous
>>53006208 >>53006237 suicidefuel also gib sauce on her i NEED more of her

11 min later 53006341 Anonymous
>>53006304 >sauce my sister, fuck you

12 min later 53006348 Anonymous (orig.jpg 1280x720 66kB)
>>53006208 Bit she is always alone in the library and wears glasses. Surely she must be pure?

13 min later 53006364 Anonymous
>>53006348 you vampire toothed bitch, fuck you

13 min later 53006366 Anonymous
>>53006348 Chad cums on those glasses every night

1 hours later 53007066 Anonymous
>>53006348 Well, she isn't getting pounded in the pussy by Chad in the library. You can't moan and scream of joy in the library. But as soon as she leaves, she just gets up to Chad's car and starts sucking his dick, then they fuck right there in the car. A car with tinted windows all around, you'll notice it if you pay attention. But yeah, the shy lonely chicks have a tendency to be surprisingly bad at not being promiscuous.

1 hours later 53007226 Anonymous
>>53007066 >tfw 7.5/10 but so shy not even chad wants to fuck me

1 hours later 53007231 Anonymous
>>53007226 >>tfw 7.5/10 proof?

1 hours later 53007261 Anonymous
>>53006208 They are all dried up by 18 16 is when you got to get them legally in your province of residence in accordance with your nations laws

1 hours later 53007268 Anonymous
>>53007261 seems like we're moving towards pedophilia, whats next? gotta get em while they're 9?

1 hours later 53007302 Anonymous
>>53007284 MOOOOOOOOOOODS also 7.5 is generous toastie

1 hours later 53007304 Anonymous
>>53007284 stacy? is that you?? get off r9k

1 hours later 53007315 Anonymous
>>53007302 >thinking its real keeeeeek

1 hours later 53007383 Anonymous
hahahahahahahahhaha I killed your thread and im smoking weed hahahahhahahhahahhahahahahahahahhah ahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

1 hours later 53007402 Anonymous
just imagine - 100 years ago, this could have been a wholesome wife lol w/e who cares id still fap to it

1 hours later 53007417 Anonymous
>>53007402 100 years ago I fucked you

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