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2019-06-21 04:54 53006205 Anonymous (tenor.gif 220x220 102kB)
>be me, recovering "NEET" >get a burst of confidence out of nowhere, go on Tinder and look for fuckbuddies >end up in a relationship with a 11/10 qtp2t who's introverted and shares a lot of the same quirks as me >she thinks I'm "sexy" >gain confidence, life is good >find out she's batshit crazy >has BPD and Body Dysmorphia; legitimately believes she's an ugly hideous mess because she doesn't have a gigantic ass like Instagram thots >soon discover that she never got over the fact that her first boyfriend cheated on her; has an irrational hatred of all women >can't see any women, or even watch any depictions of women (video games, animation) without being triggered >deal with this shit for a year >constantly deal with her mood swings, suicide threats, death threats, constant crying >slowly develop a severe anxiety and paranoia issue of my own >finally fed up with her shit, tired of being constantly emotionally tormented >break up with her, block her on everything, find out she's in a mental institution >have absolutely no confidence left, my health is in shambles, I look like I've aged half a decade in a year >have emotionally regressed several years, now have a bizarre fixation with pop culture and video games from my childhood/teen years It wasn't worth it at all. I don't know where to go from here.

2 min later 53006245 Anonymous
sad shit yet again man im tired

6 min later 53006285 Anonymous
>>53006205 >not fucking the crazy out of her >not knocking her up and sending her naked to the kitchen >not producing multiple children while providing for your family shiggidy

8 min later 53006306 Anonymous
>>53006285 >Wanting your children to have a batshit mother Imagine if she had a daughter

11 min later 53006331 Anonymous
>>53006306 she'd just sexually abuse her and probably let you help

12 min later 53006351 Anonymous
>op met your typical woman Wow, tell me more you fucking chad

14 min later 53006371 Anonymous (282832811bc494fbc16db89f64faecfc.jpg 800x716 73kB)
>>53006285 There's more to it. >sex life was nonexistent and rocky as fuck >I'm unable to enjoy and have sex due to years of sexual trauma, guilt/shame over sex, and eventual anxiety >gf didn't respect or care about it at all, would often tell me she didn't understand why rape was considered morally wrong >gf had absolutely no confidence or social skills needed to make sex enjoyable or fun >gf's pussy was way too loose and way too wet >gf would constantly blame my inability to focus and climax on her being "ugly" >developed even more guilt and shame about having sexual feelings, have less of a libido than ever >associate sexuality and sexual confidence with how terrible my gf felt about herself So on top of my confidence being completely nonexistent, and now having a ton of anxiety issues, I'm sexually 'broken' as well.

17 min later 53006412 Anonymous
>>53006371 oh so you were so skeered of your short dick that you sucked in bed badly enough for a crazy nympho bitch who wants rape all day every day to assume it must be her appearance that leaves you with the limp dick entirely your fault. you should probably an hero

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