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2019-06-21 04:50 53006173 Anonymous (varg-vikernes.jpg 696x464 104kB)
Stop living with your parents. Get a job. Move out.

1 min later 53006188 Anonymous (1557153971667.jpg 480x270 47kB)
>>53006173 no, no, and also no.

2 min later 53006193 Anonymous
>>53006173 Already have a job, parents live in my home, I moved out years ago. No u, nigger

3 min later 53006203 Anonymous
>>53006188 then you will always be stunting your personal growth and a manchild >>53006193 what the fuck are you doing here Chad

5 min later 53006224 Anonymous
niggers want to kill me wherever I work

8 min later 53006269 Anonymous
>>53006203 >>then you will always be stunting your personal growth and a manchild oh dear, some faggot on the internet might think poorly of me. whatever shall I do?

9 min later 53006278 Anonymous
>>53006173 and what's that going to solve? i'm still probably gonna be jacking off to anime and avoiding human contact and staying on this stupid motherfucking board.

10 min later 53006284 Anonymous
>>53006269 Wither and die slowly odds are.

12 min later 53006308 Anonymous
>>53006284 >Wither and die you mean like we're all going to do at some point?

13 min later 53006316 Anonymous (155950484198.jpg 480x360 37kB)
>>53006173 I'd rather save all that money instead of giving it away to some landowner like a retard.

14 min later 53006321 Anonymous (Onyankopon_character_image.png 535x535 530kB)
>>53006173 But my parents dont want me to move out.

24 min later 53006452 Anonymous
>>53006224 around blacks never relax >>53006278 make you one step closer to self actualization and actually taking responsiblity of your life and getting a tiny bit of self worth/respect for yourself >>53006269 it's more about yourself than what others think >>53006316 good. but still. move out. >>53006321 fuck your parents (not literally)

25 min later 53006468 Anonymous
>>53006452 >>it's more about yourself than what others think if that was true you wouldn't be trying to persuade me.

26 min later 53006483 Anonymous
>>53006173 big words for a snow nigger who married a literally autistic french girl and travels around France in a slavmobile

28 min later 53006511 Anonymous
>>53006321 Can we trade parents? I told mine about my semi-successful internet shindig over dinner one day and they started charging me 300/month rent but im too scare to fight back or move out

29 min later 53006529 Anonymous
No dude my rents are pretty cool they even bought me drugs and alcohol. I have to pay for this place for him to live I am not going to forsake him. Plus Pops is growing cannabis in the back yard think I could handle that by myself? Fuck no dude and my grand rents are even cooler he sends like $200 a week and my ritalin & no-doz grandma got me high off her script many times Not about that wageslave life dude

1 hours later 53007341 Anonymous
>>53006468 fine don't better yourself >>53006483 snow niggas are based >>53006511 M O V E O U T >>53006529 >I have to pay for this place for him to live I am not going to forsake him are you living with them or not what

1 hours later 53007358 Anonymous
>>53007341 you you'd me twice btw

1 hours later 53007359 Anonymous
>>53006224 Stop being racist. Every one wants you to die

2 hours later 53007623 Anonymous
>>53006173 why? those are objectively worse living conditions.

2 hours later 53007645 Anonymous
>>53007359 by niggers i meant niggas

2 hours later 53007868 Anonymous
>>53006278 that's what happened to me. my life is the same as it was when i was a neet.

2 hours later 53007973 Anonymous (IMG_9603.jpg 700x476 108kB)
>>53006173 Varg is a delusional old idiot who'd rather let a million muslims rape his wife than admit christianity isn't so bad. His recommended solution to the worlds problems is to just hide in the countryside and have a bunch of kids because he thinks an ice age is going to happen in like 20 years that only snowniggers can survive. He larps in the woods in chink reproduction paratrooper gear with a shitty crossbow because he let french police barge into his house and steal his guns. He's pro-feminist and gets pissed off if you point out anything bad about women.

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