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2019-06-21 04:43 53006105 Anonymous (01232132371823.jpg 300x300 12kB)
Why did the site go down? Was it the glowniggers? Did someone post another alien picture?

0 min later 53006111 Anonymous
Probably the pineapple pizza thread. Literal heresy

1 min later 53006127 Anonymous
>>53006105 It was the jewish alien glowniggers

4 min later 53006141 Anonymous (1535801481201.jpg 900x599 106kB)
>>53006105 glowniggers are getting uppity, every day with this shit, they need to be taught a lesson

41 min later 53006575 Anonymous
>>53006127 i'm jewish, i'll ask them to not do it again

46 min later 53006636 Anonymous
>>53006141 Glownigger, please. We will not fall for this. Robots are united in peace!

48 min later 53006668 Anonymous
>>53006127 It was actually the giga glowkikes this time.

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