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2019-06-21 04:15 53006068 Anonymous (g.jpg 800x1501 215kB)
KISS ME I'M--------something?

34 min later 53006158 Anonymous
>>53006068 Never in my life have I ever seen someone with camouflage skin. This is truly an amazing world.

35 min later 53006171 Anonymous

35 min later 53006179 Anonymous
Okay if you look like that you can call yourself a fembot. Jesus christ actuslly made me gag, makes me feel the same say as when you look at hands with a bunch of tiny holes in them

36 min later 53006183 Anonymous
>>53006068 Is it weird that she's triggering the fuck out of my tripofobia right now?

37 min later 53006196 Anonymous
>>53006183 >tripofobia What the fuck are you babbling about?

40 min later 53006219 Anonymous
Idk, i think she looks pretty cute, certainly much more interesting to look at than many other girl faces

41 min later 53006228 Anonymous
>>53006068 >>53006158 she should go into the army!

43 min later 53006258 Anonymous
>>53006228 she could seriously blend in with anythin you can't even see her nose

1 hours later 53006477 Anonymous
>>53006179 Made you gag? Seriously?

1 hours later 53006517 Anonymous
Is that actually freckles? Or something else?

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