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2019-06-21 04:10 53006024 Anonymous (66d.jpg 652x815 46kB)
what did we learn?

2 min later 53006054 Anonymous
>>53006024 nothing, i always knew all women are greedy fucking whores. every one of them worthy of a savage beating.

49 min later 53006264 Anonymous
How long has she had private and lewd snaps going for? If you thought she was a cute and quirky girl then you belong in her retarded fucking fan base.

50 min later 53006277 Anonymous
>>53006024 that capitalism is the most efficient economic system for allocating resources

52 min later 53006300 Anonymous
>>53006024 >what did we learn? About what?

53 min later 53006311 Anonymous
shes dogshit would rather read a taco bell nutrition statement binder (after calling OSHA and forcing the local manager to supply me with the info)

56 min later 53006338 Anonymous (52331996_576000506233965_5633282837572762438_n.jpg 320x320 19kB)
>>53006024 Im actually relieved she was trolling us. Continuing on my 4 month no fap

1 hours later 53006742 Anonymous
>>53006054 >why don't women like me lelelellelelelelellelllllleeeelllll ll

1 hours later 53006752 Anonymous
isnt this the girl that the itnernet hates? what happened? did she do something to r9k

1 hours later 53006925 Anonymous
>>53006311 checked and are you the guy who posted you rather play with your shit in the shower elsewhere that comment fucking cracked me the fuck up this one did too youre funny as fuck

1 hours later 53006936 Anonymous
>>53006024 That females have a sort of intrinsic value that can manifest into monetary gain from retarded beta orbiters who will blindly fund her for providing a mere fantasy of what being sexually desired must even feel like. That females seem to understand this inherent value and are able to exploit it for personal gain.

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