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2019-06-21 04:03 53005933 Anonymous (2CD76F2B-142F-4C9D-9803-F9DBA8E8F34B.jpg 1100x619 56kB)
Billionaires should not exist. That level of wealth can only ever be achieved by exploiting and stealing the labor of regular people. The cut off line should stop at a million dollars.

0 min later 53005947 Anonymous
>>53005933 like what even is money maaan

0 min later 53005953 Anonymous

1 hours later 53006552 Anonymous
>>53005933 durrrr cut off line shud stop at a million dolers i've relly thoght hard about this, noboduy woud ever exploit it hurrrrr

1 hours later 53006579 Anonymous
>>53006552 I laughed very fucking hard at this. Why.

1 hours later 53006604 Anonymous
>>53005933 >That level of wealth can only ever be achieved by exploiting and stealing the labor of regular people. Whose labor did Evan Spiegel or Mark Zuckerberg exploit? their own? They just happened to create companies that are worth billions of dollars, get the fuck over it

1 hours later 53006609 Anonymous
>>53006579 because it makes a valid criticism of OPs post in comedic fashion?

1 hours later 53006619 Anonymous
>>53005933 It's too late now. They run the system. The NPCs let this happen. Damn them

1 hours later 53006631 Anonymous (2B7A54B3-5F40-417A-B237-2B50795CD2FE.png 750x606 244kB)
>>53006552 >>53006579 70% of Americans make $50k or less per year, and for millennials a lot less. I'm being generous about the cut off line you retarded bootlicker.

1 hours later 53006647 Anonymous (8F44EED4-4ABB-439A-9C85-520A00B9CBD4.jpg 535x640 65kB)
>>53006604 Keep licking that boot.

1 hours later 53006683 Anonymous
>>53006631 does it ever occur to you that the marginal product of 1 unit of labor with nothing else is always zero, or that risk arises as a consequence of asymmetric information?

1 hours later 53006688 Anonymous
>>53006631 have you ever been around other people, anon? have you ever seen how fucking useless most of them are? why would it surprise you that their labor isn't worth much on the open market?

1 hours later 53006700 Anonymous
>>53006683 l have no idea what those words mean

1 hours later 53006745 Anonymous
>>53005933 EATTT THE RICHHH!

1 hours later 53006847 Anonymous
Consider the following: I have a million dollars in a country where it's not legal to have more than a million dollars, and I have several billion dollars in offshore bank accounts and investments that the government cannot touch. So now not only are you getting nothing, but you also have to deal with most of our money being invested into the economies of other countries.

1 hours later 53006872 Anonymous
>>53006631 So what if I want to own something that costs more than a million dollars to make? Are you saying there should be things I should not be allowed to own, even if I'm able to earn the money to purchase it? That's a very unamerican sentiment.

1 hours later 53006884 Anonymous
>>53006700 Both of those problems are why capital has to be compensated in the form of profit, AKA why people need to be able to get rich in order for us to have a functioning economy.

1 hours later 53007020 Anonymous (DZttMk5WAAAQGh4.jpg 750x723 40kB)
>>53005953 >OP had no mention of public ownership of the means of production >Complains about socialism

2 hours later 53007391 Anonymous
>>53007020 This is the problem with discussing socialism online. Most people define socialism based off of what their critics say it is, rather than what it actually is. Things like welfare and a progressive income tax are not so much like a cure to a disease, but a painkiller, used to control the effects so as not to risk spurring the effected into searching for a permanent cure.

2 hours later 53007407 Anonymous
>>53007391 >Things like welfare and a progressive income tax are not so much like a cure to a disease, but a painkiller They're more like two giant gluttonous leaches on an anemic prisoner.

3 hours later 53007726 Anonymous
>>53005933 >>53006631 Agreed entirely, anyone who disagrees was born wealthy and doesn't want the world to change despite happiness only being reserved for 1% of the population. Literally what the fuck.

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