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2019-06-21 04:02 53005923 'claw hunter (punished ghoul.jpg 300x168 9kB)
What redstone invention should I make in minecraft? I made a self harvesting farm and an elevator so far.

58 min later 53006281 Anonymous
I haven't play MC in years. How do you build a redstone elevator? Or do you mean something more of a lifter where you go from floor 1 to 2 without the ability to stop at floors 3 through 9?

59 min later 53006294 Anonymous
>>53005923 >>53006281 I'm dumb how do I build this floor to floor lift?

1 hours later 53006697 Anonymous
>>53005923 >autofarm and elevator Ok retarded faggot, come back when you have a witch farm

1 hours later 53006724 Anonymous
>>53006697 Stop being such a nigger and let the mans post wholesome minecraft stuff

1 hours later 53006833 'claw hunter
>>53006281 I should've specified its more of a one way ride to one floor, but I suppose if you wanted to build a second elevator with another circuit system that could work as a multiple floor elevator

1 hours later 53006845 Anonymous
>>53005923 Try making a flight machine or something, like the shit on 2b2t.

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