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2019-06-21 03:59 53005885 Anonymous (1535876342544.jpg 960x700 77kB)
Refute this. "Have sex" and "incel" are not arguments.

3 min later 53005942 Anonymous
Most men also want chicks without dicks because apparently whether or not a dress wearing man is a man/woman is up for debate now. because you youngsters are brainwashed, confused, retarded little faggots

7 min later 53005990 Anonymous
>>53005885 >women >Don't be a landwhale I dont care how lonely I am. Im not going to take a trashy piece of shit. If she's a drunk with a whole pile of issues then it's not worth it. She better be willing to be someone I wont be ashamed with in public.

13 min later 53006056 TRIPFAG
>>53005942 >thread not about trannies >seething /pol/fag brings it up for no reason have sex

1 hours later 53006349 Anonymous
>>53005942 >90% of board is just tranny threads >flame trannies in one of the 4 unrelated ones

1 hours later 53006408 Anonymous
>>53005885 It's not women's fault men have such low standards.

1 hours later 53006419 Anonymous
>>53005885 not according to /r/trufemcels

1 hours later 53006437 Anonymous
>>53006419 Women cannot be incel

1 hours later 53006439 Anonymous
>>53005885 I would, but it's done daily here, borderline spammed really. it should be spammed more than this crap, in case you are not getting the hint

1 hours later 53006441 Anonymous
>>53006408 It's not men's fault women have such high standards

1 hours later 53006519 Anonymous
>>53006441 Somebody has to have some standards around here. The gene pool would go down the shitter if men were in charge of who got to breed.

1 hours later 53006539 Anonymous
Can't refute this famlam

1 hours later 53006542 Anonymous
>>53005885 imagine taking these meme replies so seriously you make a post about them

2 hours later 53007345 Anonymous
It's an exaggeration, but basically correct. Women have a lower standard to meet, or in terms or relativity, they are far more choosy than they deserve to be. If you look at 1-to-10 rating scales by women of men, it doesnt follow a bell curve around the median of 5 like it does for men, its median is lower, around 3.

2 hours later 53007367 Anonymous
>>53006419 >the sub that has to go private because so many of them get asked out LMAO

2 hours later 53007372 Anonymous
>>53005885 Competitive nature is a mostly masculine trait, as a music producer/beatmaker I'm always thinking of ways to give me an edge over competition The only competitive nature/drive that women have is how to do their hair, nakeup and nails better than stacey

2 hours later 53007418 Anonymous (1405634624150.jpg 640x453 79kB)
>>53006519 >implying it hasn't already gone to shit because of constantly increasing population in the 3rd world countries

2 hours later 53007419 Anonymous
I mean shit dude, I've seen some real fucked looking guys in bad situations that are married with kids. Even more that have very little good going for them with gfs. The proof is out there. The image you posted isn't 100% wrong, but at the same time it's not 100% right either. I prefer simple statements that can only be received one way.

2 hours later 53007423 Anonymous
>>53007367 Nah ur thinking of r/foreveralonewomen. r/trufemcels is open.

2 hours later 53007471 Anonymous
>>53005885 Its nature. Men are achievers and must build value. A woman's value is innate.

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