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2019-06-21 03:58 53005857 Anonymous (2D0F32F6-904A-4F0C-A79E-2BAF600D4644.jpg 1080x720 306kB)
When was the last time you had a conversation with someone in your age range outside of the internet?

1 min later 53005891 Anonymous
>>53005857 3 months ago with someone I don't really even like

1 hours later 53006558 Anonymous
Last month I invited a friend to meet up, but before that I can't even remember

1 hours later 53006578 Anonymous (1559975081317.jpg 640x604 81kB)
>>53005857 Last week after a couple months. Good times, and got reminded how even though were friends we don't talk much anymore.

1 hours later 53006583 Anonymous
yesterday i got a haircut and spoke to some girls at work, why?

1 hours later 53006600 Anonymous
>>53005857 conversation in what way? i had """""""friends""""""" that i talked to but mostly because we were both outcast losers and mostly talked about school work, grades, etc. and less about ourselves

1 hours later 53006802 Anonymous
>>53005857 Years ago. Shit, now that I think about it...5 years I guess

1 hours later 53006955 Anonymous
I can't even remember, I'm 21 and thinking back on it, I don't know if I've had one since high school

2 hours later 53006961 Anonymous
conversation? happens a few times a week. something unusually interesting? hardly ever. stick to online bros.

2 hours later 53007124 Anonymous
It's been a VERY long time. My roommate keeps trying to hang out with me but I have zero interest in doing that

2 hours later 53007179 Anonymous (2429725b-cd23-43f4-9cfd-23d62755d9f7.png 1254x1600 1234kB)
A few hours ago, with a coworker. Outside of work? Years

3 hours later 53007613 Anonymous (as long as it works.png 491x335 330kB)
>>53005857 My coworker a few days ago.

5 hours later 53008656 Anonymous
Im in a mental hospital rn, talked with a girl about dragon age for 30 minutes

5 hours later 53008709 Anonymous
>>53005891 >>53006558 >>53006578 >>53006802 >>53006955 >literal weeks/months/years How does it get to this point anons? Im pretty awkward and insecure but even Ill have ppl to play vidya with

5 hours later 53008734 Anonymous
>>53005857 20 years ago. No, really.

5 hours later 53008745 Anonymous
Earlier today asking my housemate if he wanted to order pizza. He didn't so I ordered food for myself instead.

5 hours later 53008808 Anonymous
>>53008656 Then how do you have your phone? Or laptop

5 hours later 53008883 Anonymous
>>53006802 knowing that you didnt specify gender this is impressive

5 hours later 53008947 Anonymous
>>53005857 about 3 months ago and it was very weird, anxiety got me feeling like I was high on crazy drugs. Jews inventing internet tops any trick Satan ever attempted. WWW = 666666 = Cube * 6 = Hyper Jewcube

5 hours later 53009019 Anonymous
>>53005857 My manager

5 hours later 53009037 Anonymous
I don't remember. Maybe 6 years ago. I'm 28 now and most people my age have kids/wife and are starting to settle in. I have an easier time talking to people in their late 40's/50s.

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