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2019-06-21 03:56 53005827 Anonymous (1560965028752.jpg 858x821 81kB)
>wife literally just told me she's "out of my league and I should just shut the fuck up and be happy she married me"

0 min later 53005843 Anonymous
divorce her immediately

2 min later 53005862 Anonymous
it's ogre get out now

2 min later 53005864 Anonymous
>>53005843 Eh. Women could easily find another man to sustain their needs. But you'll be stuck without a wife and devolve further into robotdom.

3 min later 53005874 Anonymous
>>53005843 this, she just proved to you that the blackpill about this shit is real. You probably make decent money, just leave.

3 min later 53005875 Anonymous
>>53005864 but wouldnt OP have his self respect at least?

3 min later 53005881 Anonymous
Haha nice. How did you earn such a spanking OP?

4 min later 53005888 Anonymous
>>53005875 He comes to r9k about his marriage No

4 min later 53005890 Anonymous
>>53005864 quit projecting, if he is marrying up, he can do it again if he wants.

4 min later 53005902 Anonymous
>>53005827 >wife see, thats where you fucked up, anon.

6 min later 53005920 Anonymous (1557335908617.jpg 600x718 24kB)
>>53005881 >How did you earn such a spanking OP? Dared to ask her if she could pick up a bit while I'm gone all day, not even meming here, I want to fucking die

7 min later 53005948 Anonymous
>>53005827 Fucking dip.

7 min later 53005951 Anonymous
>>53005920 Jesus dude what was she like before marriage?

8 min later 53005960 Anonymous
>>53005951 Cute and funny and honestly just normal? Sure, she could get bitchy but I thought all women did?

9 min later 53005974 Anonymous
>>53005960 Does she snap at you like that a lot?

10 min later 53005977 Anonymous
>>53005827 Holy shit absolutely ethered. How did u respond?

11 min later 53005995 Anonymous
>>53005843 this, talk to your lawyer, record what she says too

12 min later 53006003 Anonymous
>>53005977 >How did u respond? I just slipped back into my room where I go to avoid her, I'm fucking raging right now. I wanted to fucking smack her >>53005974 It was never this arrogant I didnt think, we've been married a couple years and I think its getting progressively worse

13 min later 53006010 Anonymous
>>53006003 What's going on in her life? Does she do anything?

14 min later 53006041 Anonymous
>>53005827 >getting married And that's where you fucked up. Marriage gives the government too much control over your life and has a strange tendency to change the relationship dynamic for the worse.

15 min later 53006045 Anonymous (1557525821642.png 700x700 1963kB)
>>53006010 >What's going on in her life? She goes to little pet cause meetings like "go green" or some feel good bullshit for like 2 hours a week and maybe the gym a couple times while I bust my ass everyday

18 min later 53006063 Anonymous
>>53005827 Just a reminder that healthy marriages between healthy people can be a source of incredible joy, more than videogames will ever provide.

18 min later 53006064 Anonymous
>>53005827 omg dude, if she told you that then that means she has little respect for you. Expect a divorce rape later on if you don't act now

21 min later 53006075 Anonymous (1557183896670.jpg 210x240 18kB)
>>53006010 Goes to her pet causes like "go green!" or some feel good bullshit for a couple hours a week or the gym a couple times while l bust my ass wagecucking everyday

48 min later 53006112 Anonymous
>>53006010 >>53006045 >>53006075 Sorry I responded twice cause the site was fucked up

49 min later 53006121 Anonymous (7ADDA9AA-845F-4DC5-84EE-9EFFB5EFF62F.png 513x496 544kB)
Greatest sympathies OP. How can anyone not be a misanthrope in the current year?

51 min later 53006134 Anonymous
Beat her or divorce her. Preferably both.

52 min later 53006152 Anonymous
>>53006063 Retards like this is why I thought it was a good idea to get married in the first place. Fuck you autist, go back to your anime figures.

53 min later 53006157 Anonymous (1559347355056.png 600x568 306kB)
>>53005827 Here are your options: >grow a pair of fucking balls and get in there, tell her all the shit you do for her, you're not going to put up with her bullshit, discipline her >become a cuck >begin divorce proceedings and start recording these outbursts and try to catch her cheating Proceed with caution. Your wife is an uppity whore and sounds pretty fucking arrogant, things could get dangerous here. Best of luck anon.

57 min later 53006198 Anonymous
please please PLEASE op dont be a beta about this i really like you man you seem like a cool guy and i dont want you to just take shit from some woman while you work your ass off to support her please divorce her, or atleast respond to that shit and talk about it youre better than this my man

59 min later 53006217 Anonymous
>>53006134 Based Quran 4:34

1 hours later 53006222 Anonymous
>>53006217 In which order shall OP do it

1 hours later 53006276 Anonymous
She, in her lizard brain, believes she deserves a more attractive mate. It's over, OP.

1 hours later 53006295 Anonymous
>>53005827 Do you think she is cheating on you?

1 hours later 53006301 All Might (all-might-my-hero-academia-1099443.jpg 655x360 41kB)
>>53005827 No woman is worth that sorta stress young madoria. You are a good person, you work hard, and only want to love and be loved. She isn't worth the dollar you'd spend on a garbage bag pack to put her carcase parts in. And you should tell her that to her face. Don't be afraid of her. What can she do? Leave? Good. Oh maybe the mighty Karen might take the kids? Even better as who wants those ungrateful brats? The house? Mortgage is for suckers and boomers at this point. You only need three things. The only three things you need are your dignity, your dick, and your daring. With those you could have any woman you desire. Confidence doesn't mean you're not insecure, it means you believe you deserve better. And you do deserve better. Really we all do Except for moderators. All internet moderators are pedoes and terrorists. But I don't think you're a mod so you deserve only the best in life.

1 hours later 53006407 Anonymous
WTF do you do with her once she is courted? Take her to Denny's??? Feed her 4- Methoxymethamphetamine pills??? Teach her to order off majestic garden??? Watch her go -15 on Halo??? Serious dude I want to know what you two do together Keep in mind I don't get a wife because schizophrenia

1 hours later 53006545 Anonymous
Divorce her. Completely serious, kick that bitch out. I got divorced in 2016 having been married since 2009, and it was the best thing to happen to me in years. I feel better now than I have in almost a decade, mentally and physically, and it's purely because I no longer have to listen that sow and her constant fucking putdowns. Record her behavior and statements. Both in literal recordings, and in diary format. Every time she says something shitty, document it, establish a long-term pattern of abusive comments on her part. And then drop the papers on her. If she's still under 30, see if you can tough it out until then. She'll have a MUCH harder time finding a decent husband after 30.

1 hours later 53006853 Anonymous
Dont take that shit from her, she married u so that shows she is right in your league

3 hours later 53007584 Anonymous
There is no human being superior to another human being, you all shit, piss and sleep. Give her the middle finger.

3 hours later 53007754 Anonymous
>>53005827 what area do you live anon? if I'm close I might be able to help you out

3 hours later 53008111 Anonymous (A67CDB27-7841-4C08-AFF5-81BB091701D9.jpg 2048x1690 703kB)
What a strange time to be alive

4 hours later 53008124 Anonymous
>>53005827 I hope you had a prenup agreement, OP.

4 hours later 53008133 Anonymous

4 hours later 53008164 Anonymous
Anons I hope none of you have such little respect for yourself that you wouldn't immediately kick a girl like this out for saying this to you

4 hours later 53008173 Anonymous
>>53005920 Whip your woman into shape OP, she's pretty much just daring you to dominate her at this point.

4 hours later 53008351 Anonymous
>>53005864 You say that because you're an incel, OP already got a wife, he can get another girl easily.

5 hours later 53008645 Anonymous
Yikes, hope I never grow up to be the loser you became. Imagine letting a dumb bitch tell you that. Unless you got a lot to lose from divorce, put her in her place and say bye-bye if she still acts up. If you think you're a good looking guy with bright future, why remain with a harpy that tries to degrade you. Based CVCK in a few years she'll be expecting you to slurp up her black boyfriends semen, and you probably will. MAN UP. There are tons of girls out there for you anon, if you ain't too old don't waste it on this bitch.

5 hours later 53008725 Anonymous (1556707349321.jpg 1200x1600 726kB)
Got to demonastrate dominance. Call her in the room, lecture her byt telling what she did, how disrespectful and it, and why she is about to be punished. Then tell her to strip naked and bend over your lap. Spank her until she is crying, then continue for a good 10 minutes beyond. She will be back to her good self. Women act out like this because they want boundaries. Keep calm, you want to appear stern, not angry.

5 hours later 53008798 Anonymous
>>53005843 This. Sad thing is you wil lose half of what you own, maybe even more.

5 hours later 53008803 Anonymous (1540120152655.jpg 1200x1175 562kB)
>>53005827 shes probably cheating on you anon, either beat her into her place or leave her with nothing.

5 hours later 53008869 Anonymous
Do you get it now retards? This is what you have to look forward to after getting a girlfriend. Women are fucking cancer and will end up making your life worse, they will not solve our problems

5 hours later 53008872 Anonymous
>>53005827 >Time to Get a Divorce: The choose your own adventure game I recommend waiting to get rich for like ~2 years so she doesn't try to take any more. You're good man. You got this. also, don't forget to drink away the pain when you need to. It helps.

5 hours later 53008890 Anonymous
Rack up a bunch of debt, liquidate everything you can, get fired from your job, put everything in crypto. When she divorces you she'll be the one paying alimony, all while you are secretly sitting on fat stacks. As a bonus you can put the alimony towards more crypto. Retire a megamillionaire in a couple years. Get started now, she is already talking to lawyers in between fucking every guy she bumps into.

5 hours later 53008904 Anonymous
>>53008111 It really is a clown world.

5 hours later 53008909 Anonymous
>>53006045 >>53006075 Holy shit OP sounds fucking terrible

5 hours later 53008929 Anonymous
>>53008890 not OP but crypto sounds so sketchy to hold money, what would be a sort of second go to choice?

5 hours later 53008957 Anonymous
>>53008929 Keep it in a bank account then. Certainly nothing sketchy about fake money that can be taken from you with no recourse. Gold has been doing well lately too, good chance to buy high if you get in now. Make sure it's paper gold and not physical. Physical gold is too sketchy.

5 hours later 53008978 Anonymous
>>53008957 >(((paper gold))) nice try

5 hours later 53008996 Anonymous
>>53008929 it would actually be smart to put all your money in crypto now then sell in a few months to a year

5 hours later 53009042 Anonymous
>>53005827 >not dominating her anally fuck off you stupid cuck

5 hours later 53009087 Anonymous
>>53008996 >dump all money into crypto >wife leaves you without a care or attempt to steal your riches because "broke" >wait a few months >either sell high or kill self depending on results actual flawless plan

5 hours later 53009118 Anonymous
>>53009087 imagine selling high then killing yourself just to go out on a high note lmao

5 hours later 53009164 Anonymous (1450220566571.gif 480x270 1738kB)
>>53008798 If he lawyers the fuck up and starts the proceedings himself he'll be in a better position to lose less. Usually the guys who lose their shirt are the ones who cluelessly didn't prep for it and go on the attack, fooling themselves that they could make it work out or that time would take care of it or that she was just in a mood or some shit, then they get hit with papers and get cleaned out because this shit moves so fast that they don't have time to get over the shock and properly fight back. >>53009087 I guess you could just tether the fuck up if you just want to store $$$ somewhere, though it would be funny as fuck if the petrodollar eats shit because Trump is talked out of nuking Iran and the Sauds get pissy about it. Problem is that getting your money into and out of exchanges is a pill if you don't want it to be tracked down, taxed, etc. This is one of the reasons why rich people launder money by trading shit like artwork and expensive booze.

6 hours later 53009447 Anonymous (tenor.gif 350x200 1180kB)
>>53006295 I was thinking the same, she is probaly cheating on OP. >>53005827 (OP) Best option in my opinion if for OP to get a divorce saves him dealing with her attitude and when its over he'll be able to chill and find someone better. Mass amounts of sympathy to OP hope shit gets better man, you deserve etter and work too hard to be treated like this; Its bullshit

6 hours later 53009455 Anonymous
>>53005827 She's probably right, OP. You are posting on r9k. You probably don't deserve any women.

6 hours later 53009493 Anonymous
>>53008929 holy fuck dude, how come i never thought about this?

6 hours later 53009504 Anonymous
>>53006301 This is the best response, my fucking sides

6 hours later 53009563 Anonymous (1487102498422.jpg 905x881 272kB)
I can't imagine living with a partner like that. Stuff like this is a good excuse to never get married. It's just not worth it if there is any chance of marrying a fucker that is just going to abuse you.

6 hours later 53009589 Anonymous
>>53005827 Is she hot? Bring up any flaws/insecurities she might have and throw it in her face if she ever tries to act like she's worth more than you. You should become an alcoholic abusive husband.

6 hours later 53009594 Anonymous
>>53005920 If youre at this point you should probably just get out before either of you suffer anymore. t. wife ran away 3 years ago.

6 hours later 53009596 Anonymous
>>53009563 l literally want to marry you anon, I love this post

6 hours later 53009603 Anonymous
>>53005827 she was testing you should have said something back. but instead you go cry on the Internet so she was probably right

6 hours later 53009605 Anonymous
>>53009594 >t. wife ran away 3 years ago. y ?

6 hours later 53009608 Anonymous
>>53009603 OP had to remove himself from the situation before he physically beat her into the ground

7 hours later 53009636 Anonymous
>>53009608 that's what she wanted but you fail and can't even do that

7 hours later 53009640 Anonymous
>>53009603 In case this ever happens to me, what is the correct way to go about it? Punch a wall? Demean her? Darken her eye?

7 hours later 53009642 Anonymous
>>53009636 >then the cops show up and arrest him not a smart move

7 hours later 53009649 Anonymous
>>53009605 I was mad at her for the exact same reason. She never did anything to fix her life until after she left. Also found out she had like 3 e-bfs. She tried to tell everyone I was abusing her.

7 hours later 53009680 Anonymous
>>53009596 no ty friendo i dont think having a random robot as a husband would be an even worse idea

7 hours later 53009683 Anonymous
>>53009680 how about just frends with bens?

7 hours later 53009693 Anonymous
>>53005960 >Cute and funny and honestly just normal? Sure, she could get bitchy but I thought all women did? Everyone goes through shit time periods but keepers always know they are better off in and with the person they love.

7 hours later 53009695 Anonymous
>>53009683 casual sex is also a no ty

7 hours later 53009706 Anonymous
>>53006301 >And you do deserve better. Really we all do > >Except for moderators. All internet moderators are pedoes and terrorists. But I don't think you're a mod so you deserve only the best in life. Fucking kek

7 hours later 53009731 Anonymous
>>53009680 Do you consider yourself as a robot, anon? Because if you do, don't you think it's hypocritical to want someone without a specific flaw you have? Besides, not everyone here is crazy, i've met a few guys (not from /r9k/ but others boards) and they were pretty decent fellows.

7 hours later 53009734 Anonymous
>>53009640 just laugh don't take it seriously we all get upset and say stuff we don't mean. but if you don't defend yourself she will start think what she said is true

7 hours later 53009778 Anonymous
>>53009731 Can't really say. idek what constitutes being a robot anymore. I'm just very anti-social. I don't think my standards are unfair i just don't want someone abusive and the chances are just too high

7 hours later 53009800 Anonymous
>>53009778 How antisocial? Like killing people or just torturing kittens? Antisocial is a pretty broad range, too much for you to not specify at least a little bit.

7 hours later 53009807 Anonymous
>>53005827 Date a younger woman to show her. It will get her back on tracks

7 hours later 53009812 Anonymous
>>53008725 Who the fuck thinks sex would be improved by removing one person's ability to feel pleasure.

7 hours later 53009817 Anonymous
>>53009778 >idek what constitutes being a robot anymore There's as many robot definition as people exist. Even though most people here are simply failed normies according to mine, real robots are very rare. And don't you think you can find out if someone is abusive? Or do you expect to be fooled in? I'm not even the other lad, but i just find it bad to want someone to be something you aren't. Like after all, according to your logic, you're posting here so you're a robot and ergo, you're also abusive.

7 hours later 53009850 Anonymous
>>53009812 Females are to give pleasure, not receive. Any pleasure she gets lessens the pleasure a man feels. It's only logical. You must be some kind of queer or overly femininized numale.

7 hours later 53009870 Anonymous
>>53009850 Would you rather fuck a sex doll that does nothing or a doll that responds to your cock and its movements? Can't expect a virgin to understand these things i guess.

7 hours later 53009878 Anonymous
>>53009800 wtf no. i just don't socialize. I'm just a shutin mostly. >>53009817 abusive people can be the most deceptive. also people change. being married is a long term commitment and they're bound to change, possibly for the worst. i just don't trust that. i wasn't really implying all robota are abusive... more that i don't want to marry one randomly. I've also had little luck in meeting nice people from around here so i will not even consider it anymore

7 hours later 53009931 Anonymous
>>53009870 It's a pretty easy choice actually, the doll won't be as fun as a girl who has been properly declitted. Hopefully you'll get a chance to try it some day. I guess it's not easy to understand us when we try explaining it to you. I don't think it's because of virginity though. Most people would be able to imagine it. I think the retardation is to blame here.

7 hours later 53009958 Anonymous (7B22427D-EB94-4DFA-964D-3F175E3B3E7F.jpg 470x706 51kB)
>>53005827 Rape her and wispier "you're out of your league"

7 hours later 53009969 Anonymous
>>53005864 Being alone is a million times better than being with someone who despises and/or disrespects you

7 hours later 53009974 Anonymous (1530169605888.jpg 1600x1200 192kB)
This solves your problem, OP

8 hours later 53010110 Anonymous (1435317691912.jpg 500x281 45kB)
>>53005827 Fucking zoomers thinking they can make marriage work.

8 hours later 53010287 Anonymous
>>53010110 it does work for females

8 hours later 53010468 Anonymous
>>53005827 OP i cannot stress this enough, let her catch you talking with/seeing/fucking a girl her level or better. It will either fix that bitch really quick OR make her divorce you so that way you don't have to divorce her and pay out your ass for life because of it.

9 hours later 53010501 Anonymous
>>53010287 >implications females are subhuman trash, we're talking about humans here

9 hours later 53010780 Anonymous
>implying Op is ever going to divorce her he wouldn't be so mad if it wasn't true lmao. it'll probably be her who lives him not the other way round

9 hours later 53010794 Anonymous (B3341830-43F3-474C-9117-02273027AE37.jpg 670x837 57kB)
>>53005827 >marrying a biocunt >not settling down with a qt trap What did you expect? Better luck next time

9 hours later 53010815 Anonymous
>>53006045 Cuck'ed by a bitch, nice

9 hours later 53010832 Anonymous
>>53006301 Plus Ultra my nigger

9 hours later 53010840 Anonymous
>>53005827 Lmao she is def cucking you with some eco chad

9 hours later 53010873 Anonymous
>>53010794 If you're gonna settle for a fag in a dress you may as well just give up. Won't do you any favors.

10 hours later 53010933 Anonymous
>>53010468 That's fucking awful advice. If he breaks their marriage vows she'll have more ammunition in court.

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