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2019-06-21 03:55 53005819 Anonymous Take Control (Stephanie Corneliussen.png 903x953 786kB)
You all are so fixated on getting laid that you are confusing it with true intimacy. Women are attracted to good looks, height, and fashion - but to really keep one by your side you will need to have much more than that going on for yourself. You need to be able to support yourself financially and have things going for yourself in life - whether it is a good job, social connections, or money. Women are naturally attracted to strong men who are able to hold their own in this world. The best advice you lot could get is to begin steadily improving yourself - one day at time. Go back to college, start looking for meaningful employment, teaching yourselves discipline and to have a solid work ethic. Get off of Social Media and the Boobtube - it will just keep you feeling desperate for women and as though your life is inadequate the way it is now. You need to forego the thought of being with a woman or them finding you attractive until it is reasonable to do so, which is to say you need to work hard every day and strive for measurable success and progress (and reward yourself appropriately for it). Having a high level of self-care and appreciation - taking care of your dietary needs, exercising, sleeping 8 to 10 hours a night - it all takes discipline and it is hard as Hell at first. But with time it becomes a habit, and it becomes second nature.

10 min later 53005978 Anonymous
what a bunch of shit, has no relevance to what i have seen. long story, but my social circle for a couple years were a bunch of druggies, dealers, thug types, and all the people they surrounded themselves with like normies that were a bit more crazy and violent than the typical normie. these people had basically nothing going on in their lives, not a single one had a good job. many of them were getting a lot of pussy because they were good looking and they had the bad boy thing going on for them. truth is they were all varying degrees of scum, but a lot of women love that and they were fiercely loyal to these guys.

14 min later 53006031 Anonymous
>>53005819 hear hear, i too prep the bull before my wifes son is conceptualized. you gotta think about the children. If you don't do that then they'll turn into trumptard neets that try to use bullshit like facts or logic and by the time you get done talking to them you just feel horrible about yourself and want to go back to every news station that speaks ill about trump constantly in everyway it could because trump is bad and it doesn't matter what ridiculous things you say about him just make it sound bad because everything he does is bad. Satan could get re-incarnated as obama and trump sucked his dick you'd hear about how bad trump is for being a faggot but until then everything and anything is his fault while also being worse than sucking satans dick.

14 min later 53006034 Anonymous
Good OP, OP. If I may, please, what makes life worth living to you?

15 min later 53006044 Anonymous
>>53006022 Your incel goggles are shining through Those women are trash and worth less than those men. Any women who go after the thug types aren't worth much anyway. Unless you're a thug or a lowlife don't compare yourself to the dregs of society getting pussy while you can't.

18 min later 53006060 Anonymous
>>53006044 >>53005978 Meant to reply to this original poster

47 min later 53006102 Anonymous
>>53005819 >but to really keep one by your side tell me why I'd want to do that. There's a reason for that joke about how you don't pay a hooker to have sex with you, you pay her to fuck off afterwards. especially if it involves that endless parade of shit and hard work that you describe in the rest of your post.

57 min later 53006190 Anonymous
>>53006044 you can cope any way you like, but you're just making assumptions. a couple of them were trashy, but most of them were just normal girls with normal lives that just happened to get involved with these guys because they find the whole bad boy thing very attractive. do you think the Mr Perfect you described in OP is the only type of guy that gets pussy?

1 hours later 53006238 Anonymous
Yeah but what if ur short AND ugly AND asian. Nope, nothing you can do about that. Didnt think about that did you

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