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2019-06-21 03:52 53005782 Anonymous (robot.jpg 225x225 11kB)
what is r9ks opinion on the autists drug of choice?

3 min later 53005824 Anonymous
>>53005782 DXM already lasts too long, I have no idea why someone would use polistirex instead of hbr

7 min later 53005884 Anonymous
>>53005782 It's pretty great. I try not to take it too often though. Wish it didn't taste like garbage ever since I threw some up.

10 min later 53005934 Anonymous
>>53005782 Its very fucking heavy, very weird too. I guess it can feel a little bit good sometimes. But its the worst dissociative drug. Ketamine is infinitely more enjoyable, and if you cant get any then just buy some nitrous. My opinion is the world would be better off without the knowledge that DXM can get you fucked up.

1 hours later 53006325 Anonymous (poppy seeds.jpg 1119x1500 298kB)
poppy seed tea bro

1 hours later 53006613 Anonymous (1531599099876.png 700x647 175kB)
>>53006325 Yo is that stuff a decent high? Been thinking about it for a while now. I have little to no opiate tolerance, for reference 40mg of oxycontin gets me pretty high. Heard it lasts a long time, and is very strong. Some people say its really only meant for addicts as a cheaper substitute for heroin. I need some more info.

1 hours later 53006908 Anonymous
>>53005782 My taste in drugs is pretty basic anon. Nothing like alcohol to numb the ever growing pain of reality. Its really the only drug my brain actually produces a positive response to, everything else I've tried either puts me into an intense state of panic or an episode of derealization spanning days at a time.

2 hours later 53007406 Anonymous
>>53006325 just regular poppy seeds? whats the water to seed ratio for making it?

3 hours later 53007753 Anonymous
Pretty awesome, makes life feel like a video game Even after gaining access to pretty much any drug I want thanks to the db, I still go back to good ol DXM

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