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2019-06-21 03:50 53005745 Anonymous If he can get her, you can too (1405.jpg 1440x1440 368kB)
Look at this pic, take a good look at it. The QT in the pic is a mega-thot basic bitch pumpkin spice latte sipping Ug boot wearing Tier-10 Thot. Look at who she is with. It's not a fucking chad, it's not a fucking brad, it's not a fucking Tyrone. It's a below average individual that is dating a qt with below average confidence and doesn't think she can do better. So /r9k/ if he can get a qt, you can too. Just look at the pic. Also I had my chance with her and didn't even realize it at the time, holy fuck.

3 min later 53005798 Anonymous
>>53005745 I do not want a thot. I knew a girl, I wanted her, but she turned into a thot. I refuse to even participate in this bullshit

6 min later 53005844 Anonymous
>>53005798 You can change her if you try anon. I used to think she was a turbo-thottie then upon learning more about her she actually has really, low confidence and that explains why she is with the guy in pic. low confidence in qts like that makes me diamonds. Tell me to kill myself now please.

13 min later 53005938 Anonymous
>>53005844 Nah, she lives far away. Besides, I have better things to do.

15 min later 53005976 Anonymous
>>53005938 tell me to an hero please. I need someone to tell me I am worthless and the only benefit I could possibly bring to society would be if I put a shotgun in my mouth and wipe myself from existence. Please anon, I need you to do this.

16 min later 53005983 Anonymous
He'd be cuter than her if he shaved that horrible pube goatee.

19 min later 53006016 Anonymous
>>53005844 I have never encountered a cute girl with self-confidence issues IRL, and the ones online tend to be majorly fucked in the head

19 min later 53006023 Anonymous
>>53005745 The truth is I can get a gf but not without having friends and a social life first. I lost all of that after high school. No woman wants a loner

23 min later 53006061 Anonymous
Only incels would think this guy is ugly. The facial hair is awful, but he is cute.

55 min later 53006126 Anonymous
>>53006016 probably half of them do and you didn't know it

56 min later 53006131 Anonymous
>>53005745 That girl is a 5/10 max, less if she's fat as she appears to be. The guy looks to be about her equal in looks, minus the autist facial hair.

1 hours later 53006164 Anonymous
>>53006126 But it doesn't matter if she still has friends and male attention and shit

1 hours later 53006329 Anonymous
>>53005976 Is that your fetish, nigga?

1 hours later 53006357 Anonymous
>>53006061 I didn't say he is ugly. I said he is about average, like you and me, and mostly everyone. He's not ugly at all, but average

1 hours later 53006410 Anonymous
>>53006357 The girl is average too

1 hours later 53006415 Anonymous
>>53006131 Literally this. She's fat and brown, he's white and skinny + average face. Looksmatch.

1 hours later 53006471 Anonymous
>>53006415 the guy is latino too. Look at her other pics if you think she is fat. She's like 5'3 and 90 pounds most.

1 hours later 53006566 Anonymous
>>53006471 I don't think you know what 5'3 and 90 pounds looks like anon. That is underweight skelly level.

1 hours later 53006572 Anonymous
>>53006471 >Look at her other pics do you think we all know this girls social media off the top of our heads or what?

1 hours later 53006626 Anonymous
>>53006572 thought it would show up with a reverse image search. I work with her and I don't want to get in trouble but here she is Her name is Ingrid. My OP is from a pic of hers on fb. Shit spam filter wont let me post link.

1 hours later 53006641 Anonymous
>>53006626 erase the dots and slashes in the link when posting it you newfag

1 hours later 53006650 Anonymous
>>53006566 I'm bad at estimating then. Though I'm confident I could pick her up and throw her if that helps. She's not really fat imo.

1 hours later 53006704 Anonymous
>>53006641 That defeats the purpose of posting a link then doesn't it? You'd have to manually add them in again for it work. facebookcomingridgranzza

1 hours later 53006737 Anonymous
>>53006704 Who is this girl to you? Btw her fb pics are pretty lackluster. She has a weird face.

1 hours later 53006772 Anonymous
>>53006737 Just a coworker that I missed my opportunity with only to find out when she had already found someone else that she liked me. Fucking weird because at the time I felt like she was a 10/10 goddess thot and that I was completely out of her league.

1 hours later 53006791 Anonymous
>>53005745 I'm a brad and I've never had problems with women. I lost my virginity at 12 for fucks sake. I will never be able to participate in this kind of thread.

1 hours later 53006810 Anonymous
>>53006791 Chad's more beta best friend? I'd be striving for the Chad spot if I was you. You're Chad's wingman bro.

1 hours later 53006818 Anonymous
>>53005798 >but she turned into a thot. They all do anon. It's their nature.

1 hours later 53006857 Anonymous
>>53006772 well it looks like Ingrid is going to receive a message real soon about how her coworker is putting her pics up on a forum. I hope she likes the link to the thread :)

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