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2019-06-21 03:44 53005637 Anonymous (E651A1EB-1124-4943-8704-BDE2C9DCC61D.png 549x717 497kB)
>at grocery store with gf >gold chain shining >other girls stare at me >give gf all the attention >other girls walk near me >gf hug my arm as i push the cart Why do girls want me when im with my gf but wont look my way when im alone?

3 min later 53005701 Anonymous (Jeanne.png 600x600 157kB)
Does your gf know you make all these posts about other women and even other people's mothers?

7 min later 53005764 Anonymous
>>53005637 because they seek validation. when you are with your girl its unlikely you go for them. dont take his shit to seriously

8 min later 53005779 Anonymous (5D20BF31-3383-49F2-B950-40440EAA3D86.png 328x469 212kB)
>>53005701 Uhhh thats not cheating? Although i would be unfaithful just to smash your mum.

9 min later 53005792 Anonymous
>>53005637 women opperate on group think if you have a girlfriend it signals to them that you are a desirable male and thus they are interested in you, if you dont have a girlfriend they will wonder why no girl has snagged you up already and will think you're a wothless loser

13 min later 53005848 Anonymous
>>53005637 who wouldnt stare at 2 trannys walking in the grocery store hugging each other, its basically the circus passing through the aisle

13 min later 53005851 Anonymous
>>53005637 >>gold chain shining bravo, my dude.

14 min later 53005861 Anonymous (Nous Écoutons Notre Mère.png 600x600 154kB)
>>53005779 Yeah. And my mom specifically? You're just saying that on purpose.

17 min later 53005912 Anonymous (62162544_368284337375856_582094130991159290_n.jpg 1080x590 37kB)
>>53005861 Holly Kujo is a sexy milf

18 min later 53005924 Anonymous (303CD730-8018-49EF-A9E7-E823BFECD86A.png 703x714 493kB)
>>53005848 Despite my posting style, I am not a tranny. I'm not gay. I have a healthy sex drive and i use it on my gf. >>53005851 24k necklace with a jade pendant. >>53005861 Yea, just your mom. I mean she gave birth to you so she might have a nice body.

20 min later 53005965 Anonymous
>>53005637 Because women are fucking retarded and dont deserve even an atom of respect

22 min later 53005986 Anonymous
>>53005924 Jade sucks. Get a real gemstone like ruby or emerald, not that hippy shit.

1 hours later 53006178 Anonymous (Fanatique.png 600x600 152kB)
>>53005924 >I mean she gave birth to you so she might have a nice body I'm not even sure ho to respond. I should probably stop taking your bait.

1 hours later 53006209 Anonymous (Kruger.png 350x350 115kB)
>>53005637 maybe it's cause you're paying attention to all the hobos, and plotting their demise like the nigger you are

1 hours later 53006225 Anonymous
>necklace Cringe

1 hours later 53006232 Anonymous
>>53006209 Enabling them is what a nigger would do.

1 hours later 53006259 Anonymous (D8CRtMS.jpg 374x374 41kB)
>>53005637 I had a similar experience when I brought my little nephews grocery shopping. Girls stared at me with lewd expressions as if I were Chad or something. The fuck

1 hours later 53006272 Anonymous
>>53006232 I'm pretty sure you've ousted yourself as a negro african subhuman before. Why the self hate anon?

1 hours later 53006515 Anonymous (034DFC84-086A-4D66-A2C4-394AC279CEA4.png 406x539 266kB)
>>53006209 My gf hates hobos too. Everytime they panhandle and ask her she says ew no. Once a guy was like rude and we just laughed. If you choose to be a bum, then you shouldn't get respect.

1 hours later 53006538 Anonymous
>>53006272 >I'm pretty sure you've ousted yourself as a negro african subhuman before. Haha what? Really anon? Take your meds.

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