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2019-06-21 03:43 53005631 Anonymous (1524542203064.jpg 215x185 9kB)
Boy the jews really did a number on you guys

1 min later 53005655 Anonymous
>>53005631 boy the bews breally bid a bumber on you buys man shut the fuck up ya lil bitch

1 min later 53005665 Anonymous (1461538279781.jpg 625x417 44kB)
>>53005631 A misnomer. We are the architects of our own destruction

2 min later 53005679 Anonymous
>>53005655 buck bup bya bil bbitch

3 min later 53005692 Anonymous (2eijbt.jpg 750x498 75kB)
>>53005631 Those Jews are all in your head.

4 min later 53005705 Anonymous
>>53005692 whats "pol"? I dont speak autist

4 min later 53005706 Anonymous
>>53005631 R9k is what you get when pol and jews decide to play dodgeball. Losers gotta sit out somewhere

5 min later 53005720 Anonymous
>>53005705 Autists will rule the world.

6 min later 53005735 Anonymous
>>53005720 Just not the ones you find on 4chan

6 min later 53005747 Anonymous
>>53005679 buhbuhbuhbuhbuh

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