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2019-06-21 03:43 53005622 Anonymous (2019.06.20_20-42-26.png 1522x384 61kB)
Oh nonononononono please tell me it isn't so bros. wtf am I supposed to do?

1 min later 53005654 Anonymous
>>53005622 it's an online tests designed to generate as much traffic as possible. Don't take it too seriously.

17 min later 53005903 Anonymous
>>53005622 Originalli oreegano sauce?

18 min later 53005910 Anonymous
>>53005903 https://psymed.info/gender-dysphori a-test Good luck anon. >>53005654 I've accepted it now, sorry

20 min later 53005936 Anonymous
>>53005910 ahaha the questions are literally "do you act like or want to be like the opposite sex" What the fuck were you expecting to get when you answered the questions

24 min later 53005993 Anonymous
>>53005910 Got a 9. Sucks to be you tho

38 min later 53006084 Anonymous (lol.png 971x281 14kB)
>>53005622 I have made a lot of onlne tests, but this has to be the shittiest one so far. What the fuck are these questions? >do you think like the opposite gender? What does that even mean? how I am supposed to know how women think? >do you have feelings of the opposite gender? Do women feel diferently? I have no idea. I guess I get emotional sometimes, is that a "woman" thing? >do you want to be the other gender IDK man, I have never been a woman before. I guess having tits would be kinda cool? I don't feel very strongly one way or the other. Anyway, I guess I am a tranny now. Should I make a discord account as well? Do I count as an opressed minority now?

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