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2019-06-21 03:42 53005618 Anonymous (1560237876783.png 1346x1969 163kB)
Can a 4chan poster survive in a post-apocalyptic setting?

2 min later 53005662 Anonymous
>>53005618 No. This thread doesn't even deserve to be made.

4 min later 53005686 Anonymous
>>53005618 Yes Ive played all the Fallouts

8 min later 53005765 Anonymous
>>53005618 We'll see in about ten years, when the actual apocalypse is projected to happen.

9 min later 53005775 Anonymous
no, i'd probably die from laughing myself to death because the world ended.

10 min later 53005794 Anonymous
>>53005618 Depends, what kind of apocalypse are we talking here?

1 hours later 53006454 Anonymous
>>53005618 I can barely survive in a non-apocalyptic setting

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