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2019-06-21 03:40 53005586 Anonymous (5F306FAF-442C-451C-85DC-A774C3227597.png 612x491 99kB)
I am unwanted by society. Therefore, why should I contribute to society?

2 min later 53005621 Anonymous
As long as you get yours, it's all good Everyone has to fend for themselves

3 min later 53005632 Anonymous
>>53005586 You have to contribute everything your body is capable of and be tirelessly grateful for the opportunity to be in the presence of society.

4 min later 53005659 Anonymous
>>53005621 what a sick, disgusting world we inhabit

7 min later 53005695 Anonymous (1558231724169.jpg 832x1024 59kB)
>>53005586 >society OH NO NO NO

8 min later 53005724 Anonymous
>>53005586 by posting on this fucking board you are contributing your meager presence to this society you are a sham and a faggot go innawoods if you wanna be a fuckin edgelord

10 min later 53005751 Anonymous
>>53005724 THis. Take the /Ted/ pill you faggot

25 min later 53005979 Anonymous
>>53005586 >society Society you say?

2 hours later 53006876 Anonymous
>>53005586 >society. give me a break

2 hours later 53006946 Anonymous (1551337268814.jpg 326x294 18kB)
>>53005586 >owns a device to shitposting on >eats and drinks regularly >consumes media >lives in some kind of shelter Society has done nothing for me, these things fell out the sky

2 hours later 53006970 Anonymous
>>53005586 you aren't making them mad enough, you have to do something like this >I am unwanted by society. Therefore, why should I care about the ramifications of climate change or put in one bit of effort into fixing it?

2 hours later 53007008 Anonymous (arbysbeefncheddar_crop.jpg 870x565 64kB)
You don't owe society anything, and society doesn't owe you anything. But if you want to continue existing, you have to participate in it. More power to you if you can find a way to leech off of it successfully; it's a shit system that should be burned away. Fuck everything. Enjoy Arby's

2 hours later 53007012 Anonymous
>>53006946 >someone gives me something I didn't ask for >expects something in return that's manipulation

2 hours later 53007098 Anonymous (Byakuya_Togami_Halfbody_Sprite_(4).png 401x560 230kB)
You are not wanted by society by default. You contribute to society, and in return society allows you to participate. If you want to cut yourself off from society, so be it. But don't expect society to help you when you most need it.

2 hours later 53007223 Anonymous
>>53005586 Society is what you make of it. I see society as a confusing chaotic mess. For me I would say I don't really contribute a lot to society but I make sure I keep myself in check both physically and mentally so I don't go fucking nuts. Fuck what society thinks of you and focus on bettering yourself so that your future can be brighter than the ones who are trying to pull you down.

3 hours later 53007497 Anonymous
>>53005586 You wouldnt exist without society.

3 hours later 53007520 Anonymous
Agree, nobody asked for this. Fuck your society I don't owe you shit

3 hours later 53007600 Anonymous
>>53007098 why is it society comes for you if you try to opt out?

3 hours later 53007610 Anonymous
>>53005659 no doubt. don't you just feel like an alien. a being of enlightenment. somehow dropped off on this planet of greedy, petty apes who just want to fuck and buy nice cars. what a nightmare.

3 hours later 53007620 Anonymous
>>53007012 >receives welfare or help from family >herp de derp I got nuffin You are retarded

3 hours later 53007624 Anonymous
>>53007008 daily reminder arbys puts "red ranch" sauce on the top and bottom bun of beef n' cheddars

3 hours later 53007628 Anonymous
Society is just an idea. It doesn't want things, or not want things, because it doesn't exist. It's literally a figment of your imagination. Retarded frog poster.

3 hours later 53007631 Anonymous
You are not unwanted by society, you just are trying to delude yourself with weak excuses to not get a job.

3 hours later 53007656 Anonymous
>>53007223 can you even fathom successful people in this society? somehow they are energized by how shittily chaotic it is. they laugh and chuckle when confronted with its unfairness. they strike up deals with venture capitalists. I don't get it. where did these things come from? good goy school?

3 hours later 53007657 Anonymous (1558300793050.jpg 1889x1460 152kB)
>>53005586 >A group no larger than 6 people ever think about you >Society doesn't want me It was a faulty premise from the get go. But, should you have invested enough time, energy, and resources into being universally hated, I'm sure you would be able to think of some vile idea that makes you excited because you're taking it to the next level. Typically, if you leave someone alone long enough, they'll get bored of old Julia Ann videos and think of something else to be doing.

3 hours later 53007659 Anonymous
>>53007624 Daily reminder that u are awesome

3 hours later 53007679 Anonymous (1526680513288.jpg 1200x798 263kB)
>>53007098 God, you faggots who studied the blade are such insufferable cunts.

3 hours later 53007750 Anonymous
there really is no such thing as a society anymore. its a illusion, we use to have a society but not now.

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